Fact: the secret to financial security is not always in having more money in the bank. Security of any kind is found in knowing how to control what you already have—relationships, emotional health, physical surroundings, and finances. Being a good steward doesn’t mean “lording” over it. It means you have learned to be balanced in your approach to life and your goals.

Striving just to get to a certain financial destination may seem like a worthy pursuit but all the racing and thinking and adjusting can leave you drained of your best energy and time. It’s like rowing up stream in a leaky boat!

You look at your retirement account and think It’s shrinking, so you row harder and wonder if it is impossible to achieve your goals. It’s not! You are not saving for today! You are saving for tomorrow and beyond.

Don’t Let Fear Rob You of Joy!

Setting your “land-locked” eyes only on today can lead to fear and anxiety and fear is very destructive. It is the number one reason people become paralyzed in business and life! Most of our fears are unfounded and just not real.

Sure, we are seeing changes in our county right now. But keep in mind, we have been through difficult times before. The best plan you have is the one you put together with a trusted planner. If you have this, you should be able to stay the course knowing you will weather this storm or any future storm well. If you don’t have a financial advisor, contact me for a free consultation and let’s get you moving toward a happier future.

I tell clients while financial security is a goal, it should not be their only one. I believe in setting goals for your family, your life, and even your hobbies! In today’s world, being smart in more than one area will keep you flexible and, in a position, to learn.

Some people talk about achieving a certain number for retirement. But when that number is reached, they move the bar up and out further! They worry that they will need more than they planned for! So, life becomes more of a hamster wheel than something that is enjoyed.

I actually don’t believe retirement is a true option. After years in the work force, you may retire from your executive position, only to shift your focus to a new area like volunteering in your community or doing something you have longed to do. Many of my “retired” clients become involved with organizations like CASA or the Red Cross. They travel, take up a new hobby, or return to the work force to be a mentor to others. They just want to give back because they have been given so much. How about you?

Set Realistic Financial Goals

Left on your own, without a trusted advisor, you can easily set unrealistic financial goals for your life or end up working too hard for too long. Avoid that “ER” moment in life. Learn to live well and live with a balanced perspective. The person who retires just to “sit” or only travel may find that drifting is not as much fun as they once believed.

I have a philosophy that works and takes the pressure off. It is called the best time to plant a tree:  “The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. However, the second-best time is today!”

Don’t allow fear or worry to drive you to do something that will cost you your health or the devotion of your loved ones. You want to end life well on all fronts. Workaholics wear life thin. They also wear out those around them. Be balanced and I assure you: the money will come.

Balance is essential to living a better lifestyle. Find out how to do this when you download a free copy of my book The Liberated Investor or set up a free 15-minute consultation with me.

Feel like you already have missed far too much to catch up? Remember: It’s never too late to plant that tree and live a stress-free life!