Growing up in South Carolina, I learned how to drive on what we called a “stick-shift.” Older but very cool trucks had the shift on the steering columns while others had “four on the floor.”

Fun memories especially in the summer when days were long, and we drove out to the beach without thought of heartache or disappointment. Today, we recount our memories and smile, and many of our life experiences do that for us.  

At my house, we recently celebrated Father’s Day, and I can easily think back to a time growing up when my dad taught me how to drive and was my greatest supporter—he still is!  

Have you shifted gears too quickly?

Random Question: Did you ever try to go forward in a stick-shift car from a full stop to second gear? You just skip first gear! Usually, you do this when no one is around, and it works but it is not advised. Or have you ever done what mechanics call “riding your clutch” at a traffic light? Yes, most of us have but won’t admit it!

If you know anything about a stick-shift car or a motorcycle, you know there’s a sequence when it comes to shifting gears before you go forward. Life is like this, too. There’s a sequence, a plan, and a purpose. Shifting into a higher gear too soon does not get you the traction you need, nor does staying in the parking lot if you need to get to your dream home.

Thinking back, I know it was not always easy to have this once-upon-a-time teenager to raise, but dad did. He persevered, smiled, and cried. But most of all: He thrived(!), and he taught me to do the same—not just with stick-shift (manual) cars but in life.

My whole Perfect Day approach is structured for hope, perseverance, and for life’s twists, turns, and stops. But it’s also structured to shift gears when doing so makes the most sense.

Perfect Days are not perfect, and when you get out of sync with life, you end up in what I call “a wobble.” But you can take imperfect days and turn them into ones that are perfect. It’s true!

I’m living in a Perfect Day mode right now, but you can’t see it. I’m regaining my Core strength. This is a must for what I do each day.

Core strength adds balance to your life

Freshly back from climbing Mt. Everest, I realize I need to dig deep into my Core and make sure it’s strong and be careful not skip gears as I ramp back into work-life-balance land. When I want to shift into second yet need to be in first, I need to remain aware and grounded.

My physical Core was strong enough to get me to the top of the tallest mountain in the world, but that’s not the Core I’m talking about.

Core strength is balance in life. It includes having strength where it’s needed—with the people and things that matter the most. It includes getting in step with those you love and staying in step!

If your Core is strong, you can walk into an office situation with confidence knowing you are where you need to be. You can lead with wisdom and inner strength, but if you are distracted, you lose. It is like skipping first and maybe second gear as you move forward. Or like “riding” your clutch and wearing it out in the process.

I remind myself of this truth almost every day. Life shifts at work and at home. It’s crucial that you know the best way to respond—not react out of emotion—but respond with patience, kindness, perseverance, and hope for the future-and above all with a lens of compassion. Repeat: Have compassion for others (…compassion for SELF will THEN follow!).

What are you doing to have FUN?

This motivates me as I work with my Perfect Day and Alphavest clients, especially in this ever-shifting environment! So, emotion is out, and trusted wisdom and stick-to-it-ive-ness are in.

Core is just one aspect of experiencing more Perfect Days. There are others.

While I’m regaining my “at sea-level” legs back, I plan to write about how you can have more Perfect Days as you follow my outline below. You can download my book Perfect Day for free.

In it I ask a series of crucial life questions: How are you investing your time and money? What are you going to do to enjoy this summer? (Fun and relaxation are important if you want to have a strong Core.)

I realize we have just come through a very difficult time in our country. The temptation may be to skip shifting a few gears, but you can’t. Find ways to enjoy life, stay on track, and learn to experience success at any level.

Want More Perfect Days? Let’s Get Started

Core Keep it strong! This includes your values, relationships, and spirituality.

Experiences Enjoy life. Go on a one-day adventure and don’t post it on social media. Just enjoy being alive and being with who you are with or by yourself. In the movie “Shawshank Redemption,” Morgan Freeman’s character says, “You either get busy living or you get busy dying. Which is it going to be?”

Contributions Find a way to give—give back to your community, give to others—Just GIVE. Giving makes your heart glad. There are lots of opportunities all around you. Don’t just throw money at something! Give from your heart to encourage another, and you will be surprised just how it changes your life. Here’s a real challenge: Give without looking to receive something in return.

Finances In this environment, it’s important to be the best financially you can be. Save, invest, and always plan. Take time to understand your portfolio and be wise. Download my free book Liberated Investor and learn what really goes on behind the scenes on Wallstreet!

Want to REALLY shift gears?

Join me for an amazing three-day retreat at Canyon Ranch September 23-26, 2021 –I’ll talk about how I tagged the top of the highest mountain in the world and made it back alive–MY 18-year-in-progress Perfect Day, but I also will explain how there is so much more to life than just tagging mountain tops. Better, you’ll have nourished your Core and will leave with the tools to continue “Canyon Ranch” living, at home. You’ll harness your very OWN Perfect Day.

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