My Perfect Day Clients and followers know what I mean when I say that imperfect days can be Perfect Days! Imperfection is not bad, especially in my case today. It snowed at Everest Base Camp and while it may seem that we are “still here” that’s the point. We are here, and we are safe because our guides hit the pause button!

So, due to the snow and the lack of visibility, we had a rest day again today. Early yesterday, we were able to do some training, but snow moved in and the rest of the day was spent thinking about—you got it Mt. Everest, which hovers high above us.

Yesterday, we did make it up to Camp 1 and then back down to Base Camp. There are three camps that we are training to reach. Once we are acclimated at the final camp, we’ll prepare to go on to the summit of Mt. Everest, but that won’t happen until nearer the middle of May.

We also had an interesting lecture on the weather in the dining tent. There’s tremendous intellect behind the timing of our moves up the mountain—wind and snowfall both play a huge role in choosing the right time to move ahead.

Last year, a photo went viral of numerous climbers trying to summit Mt. Everest. This “log jam” was because there were only 2 “safe” optimum summit days. This year we are praying we have more of the average 10-14 summit days.

Here’s your Perfect Day thought: Success is not the result of one huge step. Usually, it is the outcome of many steps taken along with a great amount of patience and wisdom. These steps include baby, giant, and even repeated steps.

One of the exercises we continue to do is practicing going up to the different camps and coming back down. Why? That’s easy. . . . rushing at this point would surely lead to failure and even disaster.

Summitting any mountain in your life involves a series of steps that gets you to the top. This includes life decisions as well as financial decisions.

For you, your summit may be to begin a solid savings program, or it could be to better organize your company, expand your brand, or pull together a plan for retirement. Getting to the top of a mountain means taking one step at a time along with having the right tools and information.  

Most clients I talk with mention some regret or misfortune. But these are the very things in life that can and do motivate us to live fully. Don’t live in a cul-de-sac of regret saying, “I wish I had done life differently.” Begin to live today.

Yesterday is behind you; besides we learn a great deal through mistakes, being patient, listening to the advice of trusted advisors, and taking time to invest our time, talents, and money wisely.

As I write to you, the sun is setting, but the sky is clear. Everyone’s doing well. We are rested. We are having a great time – another great day at Base Camp—good meals and a good movie. You better believe I’m grateful for the time of “pause.” It is perfect in every way.

Tomorrow, we push on up the mountain. Remember, if I can move beyond Everest Base Camp #everestbasecamp in support of @hollingscancercenter and the fight against cancer, you can take the health pledge! Visit my personal Everyday Everest website to learn more. PLEASE consider donating to this life-giving effort! 

You can track my climb to the top of Mt. Everest! You will notice on my name is Helen Cox! Thanks again for giving! I’ll keep you updated as we push on to the top of Mt. Everest.