After our repeated January snows, ice (yes, it reached as far south as Charleston, SC), and bitter cold temperatures, most are probably hoping Punxsutawney Phil doesn’t see his shadow on Groundhog Day tomorrow!

The celebrated annual event, takes place February 2, is seen as a quirky, albeit unscientific prediction of when spring will arrive. If the groundhog in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, emerges from his burrow at sunrise and sees his shadow, winter will be around for another six weeks. Most of us are hoping he doesn’t see a thing, but can we really place our hope in such nonsense? As fun as this is, the answer is no!

This all makes for great TV and light talk around the office. But when it comes to your finances and life, I hope you are not reacting to the ups and downs by seeing shadows and then becoming overly concerned with worry.

No Groundhog Day for me this year. In my planned-for-margin time, I’m building things on my farm!

That’s right. Remember, Perfect Days include time not spent drilling away at the office. If you are a “Perfect Day-er,” you know the importance of experience, giving, adding strength to your core being, and keeping your finances on track.

So, I have a fun new gig. No contractors, no overpriced bills, nobody to blame for no creativity at the farm, now, it’s yours truly. And I AM excited! I have a new chop saw! You are reading right. Most of you know I raise very special goats and they need Perfect Day homes and other things.

What should I build first? A goat podium for a 2023 Groundhog Day shadow ceremony (you know the groundhog event isn’t how the whole she-bang started . . . right?). Regardless, I’m taking suggestions (on what to build for my farm) AND safety and engineering tips.

Here’s the 4-11 tip: I’m excited for tomorrow. Are you? Or are you anticipating the same loop? Grab a dose of something new. Make a new plan; live a great story! Here’s more: Get a Jump on Ground Hog Day with faith, chops, and global entry!