Why call it good? This page has been written I’m sure, but not by me.

The market is closed on Good Friday: GOOD day.

A man nailed to a cross: NOT (a) GOOD day.

No matter what you believe, the world slows just a little bit today as the stock market, banks and other forms of business declare today a Federal holiday.

Pause, leverage, and honor;

The slowing.
The forgiveness.
The love.

The goodness that’s all around you.

For today, good can be enough for Perfect.

There is so much that anyone, in any walk can see that’s good. And while I agree with Molly B. Wright that “good enough is not good enough; it’s gotta be great,” for today, I say good is enough.

Today, connect with what’s meaningful—assess your many, many treasures extending far beyond your finances, and decide to do more ‘Good’ with what you have; your health, your relationships, and your greatest life’s treasure – your ability to give back.

Give forgiveness, a cup of coffee, a smile.

SEE someone, truly see them, make someone laugh, take a photo of something beautiful, pet a stranger’s dog, encourage someone.

Before you bestow these Joy boomerangs to others, do all of them for yourself—because today is GOOD Friday. Where upon all these gifts where given to you, first.