Recently, I shared my story of dramatic essentialism (by choice) during my vacation to the Turks and Caicos Islands. While this may not be something that you could see yourself doing, a simple choice can make a significant step toward more Perfect Days.

Daje Morris offers, “By choosing a mindset of thankfulness, the essentialist chooses to try and find fullness and meaning in the day-to-day rather than letting his/her joy be extrapolated by the critical voices of dissatisfaction and discontentment.”

I love the reference to day-to-day—in the spirit of that, here is a practical example of essentialism that may resonate with you.

I shared this story of Essentialism with my Facebook 411 Live participants recently; I dumped my cable service. Yes I did. Not an easy thing to do, and while some who may truly be in a place of choosing (a commonly used word of essentialists…) to cut back on some bills or expenses, I saw it as going big. Not a cut back, but a win against family frustration, a win for my problem of time-sucks in the home and yes, a win in my checkbook each month. Not, what the hell am I going to do when college football rolls around.

I went BIG. And similar to my homelessness on Grand Turk, ditching cable it was liberating and transformational.

Liberating. Transformational. Big words, right? Go Big, Essentialists, Go Big.