Ready to push the reset button? Let’s do it together!

By now you have learned that Perfect Days are far from perfect! We live in a messy world, filled with fear and a sense of scarcity, but you can still have Perfect Days and I’ll show you how!

My Perfect Day plan bridges the gap between where you are now (isolated in a Covid-19 environment) and all that you can be once our country opens back up . . . and it will. “Difficulties mastered are opportunities won!” — Winston Churchill

So, how does Perfect Day work? You begin with tackling 4 important areas of your life before 11 am each morning. This is what I call 411.  Caution: Don’t overdo this. Create a 411 plan that works for you at a level that fits who you are. But be sure you set the bar of your life at a point of challenge. When you do, you will notice an up-turn in your sense of well-being and joy. You will go to a place that includes more hope, motivation, and love.

Did I say love? Yes, when you practice the Perfect Day principles of giving, gratefulness and reaching out to others, you’re needle on your love meter will rise.

How do you begin? By thinking correctly about your life. Many entrepreneurs mistakenly believe, they “tick along” best when they are leading the pack, addressing a large group at a conference, or seeing their bank accounts grow significantly. Some of this does sound fulfilling, but the true sign of success is different. Happiness and lasting joy begins within your core—what you do for others and how you value what you have been given.

Richard Branson writes, “Too many people measure how successful they are by how much money they make or the people that they associate with. In my opinion, true success should be measured by how happy you are.

Develop a Perfect Day plan for your life, and you will discover “you” and who you were created to be.

Core: I don’t ignore my core. If I do, I know it immediately and I don’t overlook the warning signs. Relationships with my family, friends, and especially my daughters are at my core. I know a brilliant tech guy, who is working all kinds of crazy hours each day in order to launch his startup business. His core and contribution assets are nearly overdrawn, and his family is suffering. While assets may shift and adjust, your core needs to remain consistent—strong and steady. Making an income is important — but losing family and friends in the process is tragic. Success at all costs is NOT success! Read Jon LoDuca ‘s article about how to set up a Life Model that works! The Entrepreneur Life Model

Experience: About a year ago, I visited a friend, who I have known since I was 12-years old. Today, longevity in relationships is far from the norm — brokenness is much more common. During this time when you have nothing but “time on your hands” set a goal to rekindle at least one meaningful relationship. Make it a relationship that you have laid aside in favor of building your business and lifestyle. What is missing in most of our lives? The experience you gain through friendship, conversation, and acceptance! While you can’t always regain time that is lost, you can build solid experiences that lead to Perfect Days, more joy, and true value.

Contribution: Do something that counts beyond yourself! Make contribution a part of your 411 Perfect Day lifestyle. Contribute something to someone out of kindness! In our limited environment, you may also be limited in your physical reach, but you can send a card, pick up the telephone, or if you really want to go “high tech” send a text or email. You will be surprised what contribution means to others and what giving of yourself will do for you! Donate to a worthy cause. There are plenty right now.

Many of the people, who in the past attend my seminars say they wish they could give more to people. Do you think you are too busy to give? Guess again. Each one of us has something we can give to others. Find it and give it. Just so you know: there are scientific benefits to giving and being kind! Buy someone a virtual cup of coffee, place an order take out from a local restaurant and leave an online tip! Are you in? Try a random act of kindness!

Financial: For today and next week lay aside the thought of financial gains as it relates to money. The Market ups and downs are historic. Instead, think of strategic ways you can invest in someone else. Gifts you give to others don’t have to be expensive. The most valuable gift you can give is time spent with others, who are in isolation with you. That is an eternal investment that draws extreme interest! The greatest gift my mother gave me did not arrive in a box from Bloomingdales. It came in the form of solid advice that I have carried with me through today.

The Market is struggling because of Covid-19 and you know it. Putting a long range financial plan in place is what I do best. Schedule a free (virtual) meeting with me and let’s set a plan in place for you that remains strong, especially in times of crisis.  

Also, take advantage of my free online webinar. This is where you will gain the strategies you need to restructure your time, money, and resources. My proven approach moves you from scarcity to freedom and more Perfect Days!