For those who listen to my 411 Perfect Day podcasts , you know Perfect Days are far from perfect, especially in our world today! Right now, people are dealing with feelings of fear, scarcity, and over perfectionism.

You are homebound, you sit and think! And you still have some time to go before the doorway of your life is reopened fully. Especially in these times, how do you make a Perfect Day perfect?

Here are the four areas of your life that you can touch each day before 11 am. Getting these right, lead to more Perfect Days. Give them a try. Contact me to learn more. It’s all free. What do you have to lose? 

Core: Get up and move! Take care of yourself and those you love. Don’t use this “social distancing” time to just sit and think about your office! Practice social distancing but also practice listening and being with those you love! If you are not sharing space, zoom them or do something radical like call them on the phone!

Yourcore is made of the things that mean the most to you. Stop offering leftovers to those who care about you. You have made it in the business world, now rethink if you have made it in your personal life. Who needs to hear from you today? Try the old fashioned art of writing to a friend! Letter writing is a gift of friendship and love. It works! You don’t always have to go the proven route. Be willing! Be Open! Try something new that could lead to you reaching your Perfect Day. Dig into your health, values, family, and who you are.

Experience: Discover the power of vulnerability. This is a powerful tool. While vulnerability may seem like a frightening place to be, it’s not. When I am vulnerable and admit that I don’t know everything or when I ask questions to learn more, I’m owning my vulnerability, and I’m becoming better. The Workplace Therapist Brannon Smith says, “When you are curious, you’re acknowledging ‘I don’t know’ and for many of us that is uncomfortable, but it is also very powerful. It’s okay to say, I don’t know. I want to learn. Being vulnerable builds healthy relationships. It creates professional intimacy in the workplace. That is what we are looking for today.” Experience means we are always growing and being vulnerable is a part of our growth.

Contribution: Be generous!Are you really giving? Recently, a friend related a story where he watched a person give to an organization, but the gift was really nothing more than a very small tip. This began our conversation: Do you give, or do you really give. The question is really: do you give something that costs you something. Anyone can give what is easy. Giving what costs and is valuable is much harder to do. Giving has a way of reflecting who you really are, and it is never about money. It’s about truly giving of yourself to someone else. It means doing random acts of kindness, forgiveness, and contributing beyond dollars.

Financial: Here’s a challenge that’s easy to do in our current environment: Leave your wallet at home! Don’t use credit cards for a week. From time-to-time, I go shopping with my girls and their friends and I only use cash! While we are not out shopping now, we can imagine a time when the stores and the pizza places will reopen, and we can carry only the cash we need. Create a new lifestyle plan. I want to show you how to do this. Learn to work through you day with just cash—no credit cards! I do it and you can, too. It is fun! Plus, it is the perfect opportunity to learn that you don’t need plastic!

411 is a daily path for people to stay focused on what will truly bring Perfect Days.

It teaches you to dial in your values. It is not about a to-do list. It’s about getting off the hamster wheel of life! You can do this: step off, begin to live! 411 is an Off Ramp that leads to transformation and accountability. It shows you how to hit the reset button to your life so you can live again—fully!

You can have a Perfect Day beginning today! Listen to my interview on Dig South and learn how you can have a Perfect Day

Join me each Monday for 411 LIVE and UP your CORE! Pick up your free copy of the book Perfect Day and say no to burnout, workplace exhaustion, and perfectionism!