Last week, we remembered the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King. One of the things that struck me about Dr. King’s life was his ability to stay focused on his goal. It never changed. There may have been times when he had to take a detour, but he always ended up back on track.

Over the years I have worked with clients who constantly change their values and dreams for the future. Hard shifts in one area can alter the success you achieve in other areas.

We grow and our lives change, but our values and core beliefs stay the same. Once you have a fixed focus that works, keep it. Once you have a dream locked into your heart, don’t lose it.

You may have to make tweaks along the way, but your passion to reach your goal needs to stay on track. Dr. King did not wobble in his vision. He maintained a sense of abundance, which guided him in his quest to stay true to his life mission.

When he was named the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, instead of keeping the award money that came with the honor, he gave it away to further his mission. His “trueness” is his success story.

You may be tempted to feel anxious in this changing economy, don’t be. Refuse to be pulled away from the good plan that you have made in the main areas of your life: your core values, experiences you have, the contributions you make to others, and your financial investments.

In my book Perfect Day, I explain that 90 percent of long-term happiness is predicted not by external circumstances, but by the way your brain processes or perceives the world around you.

The one thing that fuels failure is fear. My goal is to teach you how to let go of fear and gain a mindset of abundance. If you feed the idea of “abundance” into your brain, you are going to process today’s challenges differently.

Words like “never enough” become “I have more than enough!” And if you learn to focus on having more than enough – – more than enough time, money, talent, love, and energy, the externals of your life will soon match up to these thoughts. Then, you will reach your goals with clarity, strength, and efficiency.