Are you passionate about your life, what you do each day, and about the future? Or do you sit in your office and wonder how you got to where you are?

Many people do this. Their lives seem gray and joyless. If you have lost your passion and desire, we need to talk change in 2019. I can show you how to bring balance and success to your portfolio! Schedule a free 15-minute consult with me today! No risk – just results!

Each January I meet people, who are “set” on setting resolutions. Most of you know that I’m not a resolution type of person. But I do believe in setting goals – some very reachable, and others that stretch you beyond your comfort zone and in the process transform you into a person, who is highly effective and productive. You can’t accomplish this without passion.

• Articulating your values is very important.
• Knowing what makes you tick is invaluable.
• Creating an environment where inner energy fuels your passion is a necessity.
• But knowing who you are and where you are going is what you want for 2019.

I warn you: more money is a trap. It’s better to ask yourself why you want more money. Will it bring you closer to your passion or move you further away?

Write down the things that are capturing your spending and running up debt. Be courageous: Eliminate the monthly hits to your credit card accounts. Use cash and take back the control that you have given to others in this area.

One client recently confessed that she did not realize the money that was being automatically taken out of her account each month. When she looked at her credit statements, she saw where the drain was coming from and stopped it.

Crafting a clear Commander’s Intent (CI) for the New Year will keep you focused on what it best for you, your family, and your business. If you begin to stray, this one thing will motivate you to get back on course. The most effective CI is a short phrase versus a typical two-sentence mission statement. The one I like the most is “Freedom to Choose.”