Nudges Teach You How to Grow Your Potential

The thought of “nudging others” in a right direction has been around for a long time. We nudge our children to think through a problem and do the right thing. A “nudge” is something that teaches us how to make better decisions and change our behavior, especially when there is a need for a shift.

Inner nudges or discernment urge us to step away from a dangerous situation. Or a nudge can give us clarity to go forward and make a solid choice that will bring a great outcome. A nudge can alter your behavior for the better. It can come to us through words of a friend, co-worker, or just taking time to be alone and listen to our hearts.

A good solid book can lead us in a better direction when it comes to our businesses and our clients. So, are you listening, looking, waiting in patience, and trusting that even in a tough financial environment, you can be a winner? I hope so. It may take some creativity but that is what leading and believing is all about.

Sometimes All You Need is Encouragement

A nudge is usually a thought that contains truth, or a process that shows you how you can better reach your goals—as a leader, co-worker, family member. Remember, it is not all about the office. In a Perfect Day environment, success begins at home with family and friends and loved ones. Learn to lead there and also be a team player and your business will not only succeed, but it will thrive

Nudges can also be called “gut” responses. Had any of those lately? I have. I have a gut belief that rings with faith and gratitude. Turn the glass upside down and look at life with positive hope. It’s contagious! People catch a leader’s vision when they can honestly see growth and feel like their lives count.

Psychologists also tell us that nudges can alter our behavior in predictable ways. I believe that nudges can teach us to form habits that lead to significant changes that make a true difference in the way you interact at your business, home, and in your community.

This is why I “preach” living a 4-11 lifestyle, which includes doing four strategic actions before 11 am each day. Each of these Perfect Day “nudges” will keep you pointed in a successful direction.

Four Strategic Action Steps to Perfect Days

So, what is 4-11 all about? It is a Perfect Day strategy that focuses on what you can do to create a healthy lifestyle and grow. Remember Perfect Days are not perfect! They become perfect when you learn to respond to life in the right ways.

Work on Your Core: This is the area that defines who you are. It includes your closest relationships. Rule number one: learn to be an encourager. Encourage, love, and instill hope! Offer hope to someone today, and you offer the ability to try life again.

Experience life: Turn the TV off and spend time with those you love. Travel, go to the beach,  hike, talk, share a meal, meet a new friend. Reach out and believe in goodness. We can see beyond this moment because we have one another and because we have been given so much! You may say, “I don’t have much financially.” Richness does not mean having large bank accounts. It means your life contains a wealth that is far beyond anything money can buy.

Contribution: Discover your “YOU-Ness” — the thing that you can give away to others. If you asked your top three clients or top three friends what makes you, “YOU,” what would they say?

Whatever THIS is, it is also how you give back. It’s your gift to the world. Offer your YOU-Ness to others. Anyone can give money, but few people are willing to give themselves to a cause that makes a difference in this world. Find your “You-ness” and do it every day.

Finance: “Performance measured is performance improved.” Start viewing your annual spending as your life report card. And think about budgeting what you spend and where your money goes. This will free you to do so much more in life.

My desire is also for you to become a Liberated Investor. I want to give you the opportunity to download the third edition of my book The Liberated Investor for free. In it, you will learn principles to help you control your investments, so you can reach your end goals — retirement, being financially secure, and leaving a legacy for your loved ones.

You can move from scarcity to freedom!

Also, take this opportunity to download my book Perfect Day for free. In it, I discuss the steps needed to restructure your time, money, and resources so that your life is more effective. Take the steps toward more Perfect Days today!