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Are you Brave?

“Intentional Finance” requires being BRAVE. #AND has its benefits. Purposeful planning, spending and investing can alleviate a great deal of stress in your business and your life. It just takes time and a framework. for 21 years that framework for me and my business, my life and that of my clients is the Perfect Day framework.

From the client’s mouth:

“Anxiety is energy without PURPOSE.” —MM, Charleston AVID 4-1-1’er (thanks, MM!)

Its hard to be brave when you’re scared, or anxious–a word leaned on and experienced by more people than you know. I was one of them. Anxiety is REAL. Anxiety is terrifying. A therapist I’m not, yet the therapuetic affects of Perfect Day planning and over 25 years in finance and planning has taught me a few things. I’d love to share them with you.

What occupied my FREE time (Core):

Getting a jump on January–on 2022. Planning, dreaming, booking (Travel! #AND “Permission Granted”)–mapping out my Perfect year ahead of January 1. Don’t fall into the resolution trap this year—get a jump on it and lets sustain year round with a Plan that alleviates stress and focuses on ABUNDANCE. Don’t throw yourself in the huge heaping pile of resolution rubble come February 10th. Just say no and yes to Perfect Day, ala 411’ing. Unsure how or what that means? It all starts with a FREE 15-minute consult. Be Brave.

Financial/WINK-“What Investors Need to Know. NOW”:

Year-end Roth conversions and tax clean up still underway. Converting bits and pieces of your IRAs can save you from those dreaded RMD’s at 73–NO, its never too early to be thinking, planning, executing for age 73. Make and KEEP more money…then, have more IMPACT. Then, more #perfectdays. 👈🏼THAT. What will it cost you to spend 11 minutes on your financial future every week? Also, find recaps here.

What I’m excited about (Experience):

Getting braver and writing more as I begin creating “Permission Granted.” A bad-ass group of 8 women invited me back to the Himalaya to climb an unclimbed peak near Makalu in the Fall. More fodder for Permission Granted as I get to listen, interview and ask these women how they channeled THIER permission. I wrote on Mother’s day from Namche last year as I was inspired by encouraged by one of these climbers, Becks Ferry who was a part of our Everest base team, and who will be on the climb this Fall. She shared this at base camp….”…its been invaluable to my children to see that you can do anything you want to at any stage of your life; mother, career, etc. Life is bigger than; get an education and get a good job and then you’re done….a life without risks isn’t a life at all.” AMEN, sista!

More here on Becks….A great interview with the one, the only, fellow Everest summit-er, Alan Annette. Also dubbed “One of the world’s most respected chroniclers of Everest” by Outside Magazine.

What Inspired Me (Contribution):

MORE brave people. The Janik family who endeavor on in the name of their 17 year-old son whom they tragically lost in 2019 to an enlarged heart put on the The Logan Janik Lacrosse tournament each year with lots of sponsors, volunteers and lovers of Logan. The tourney was full of life, people, lacrosse and on display was a heart wrenching concrete reef structure designed and created to honor Logan’s life and love of fishing. So thankful my brother chooses to work so hard each year on this charitable tournament and as a result has exposed my family to such a great event. Live.Like.Logan. And, of course I found a way to 4-1-1 while there this weekend! You can give today and complete your 4-1-1 with a few dollars to the Logan’s Light Foundation

AND, that my friends is a 4-11 framework for a perfectly brave day. You’ve got this. Go eat that big fat hairy toad.