All of us need to celebrate life! I realize that last year was difficult and some of the people I have talked with have a hard time thinking about this subject but each one of us has something that we can be grateful for and celebrate. Even small moments are packed with huge rewards.

This is what Perfect Day and 411 is all about—doing four things before 11am that will change the way you look at your imperfect days. These four things include experience, finances, giving, and strengthen your core.

Following my simple pathway leads to more Perfect Days in a very imperfect world. So, what holds you back from 411ing and celebrating each day? For some, the total focus of their lives is set on what they don’t have or what they want.

I get it. We live in changing times when it seems the ground beneath us can shift and change leaving us hanging or dangling in danger, but you don’t have to live with this line of thinking.

Celebration Leads to a Perfect Day

Did you catch the recent interview with Megan and Harry? Whether you agree with them or not, they believe they can celebrate being away from what they perceive is a heavy burden.

We don’t need to “go there” with our thoughts about their situation, but what do you need to  step away from that would start a celebration in your own life? Think Perfect Day Commander’s Intent.

Over the last few weeks, I have talked with clients who are going through great difficulty. One explained how she wants to leave a six figure salary behind. Her job was not fulfilling, so my question to her was: Can you leave and know that you will not look back and say, “I wish I was still there!”

That’s probably what the “Royals” had to ask themselves. Walking away, changing directions in life, or beginning a new venture has consequences—positive and negative, good and bad! Are you prepared? What do you need to break free of     (fill in)       ?

Here’s where you can begin: Pull out the old legal pad, draw a line down the center and list out every pro and con you can come up with. Once you have done this, ask yourself if you are willing to do the hard work needed to get to the point of celebration.

Celebration can come quickly, or it may be something you grow into doing on a regular basis.

Plus, seeking the advice of a trusted financial or life planner is always a smart move. I say trusted because the last thing you need is a “yes” person in your life. You want someone to come alongside you who will ask difficult questions along with rejoice over your plan for the future.

So, choose wisely and choose someone who listens to your needs, dreams, goals, and wants the best for you—not just a paycheck.

When Shifting Your Lifestyle Be Prepared to—

• Be gut honest — List out your needs, wants, and desires for the future. Don’t hold back. A professional can show you how to uncover hidden needs, dreams, and desires. Honesty makes the journey through planning shorter.

• Take off your rose colored glasses. Life is tough. This is a hard time to navigate and not a time to fall into drifting. Get up and go forward.

• Do the hard work that is required for a shift or change. There is nothing wrong with walking away from a position that is not fulfilling. I have talked with countless people who have done this to add more quality time with their families and loved ones. Some have left and never regretted their decision. My advice: seek the counsel of someone who will help you look at life from the right perspective. I have never regretted the time I have taken to be with my family even at the risk of lessening my client load.

• Own your decision—good or bad! Once you make the change stick with it. I don’t know what Harry and Megan are really facing. Few of us can imagine what life as a member or a royal household is like. The only reason I would say celebrate their choice is because they made a serious decision to step away. Celebrate their courage and allow time to write their history.

Perfect Days are not perfect—they are days that are filled with imperfections! They are perfect because we learn to live life to the fullest without regret and with determination and hope for the future.

Last week, we talked about adulting and what this means in our world today. A lot of us need to learn how to do this each day, especially when it comes to the subject of celebration! Yes, life has changed, but there is still so much we have to be grateful for each day. Adulting will help you do this.

If you don’t have a plan in place for the future, I would love to work with you through this process. Adulting includes having a will, a plan, and a directive in place.

Click here for a free 15 minute time-slot and let’s chat about where you are and where you want to be in the future. You can also download my book Perfect Day for free!