People, who climb mountains know there is an energy and synergy that comes from reaching the top. Life seems clearer there. They also know it’s not “just” a steady assent!

So, put on your crampons because the climb is usually harder than you think, longer than you expect, and mentally more challenging than you want to believe. But you can reach the top.

Recently, a long-distance hiker failed to calculate the challenges before her. She began her thru-hike believing she would complete it. Three weeks later she realized, while she had planned her trek, she had not calculated for the sudden and dramatic storms that touched her life.

Driving wind and rain and plummeting temperatures overwhelmed her and brought a quick end to her excursion! She didn’t calculate adverse trends into her plan. Very few people do, but I can show you how to prepare for the times when life becomes overwhelming. Applying the 4-11 Perfect Day framework to daily living, personally and professionally, is all it takes to prep.

You can’t make a long-distance hike or climb without training and preparation. Knowledge is power. This is why you train. You learn to push longer and harder until you are fit for the mountains!

Mountains only become a problem when you allow them to stand taller than you. Don’t do it. You have what it takes to stand taller than the highest peak. Knowledge also prepares you for the future. It keeps you strong when you find yourself standing on a volatile ridge.

Before you reach your mountain peak, you will go down and then up. Twists and turns and valley dips are a part of life. The same principles used for climbing mountains are true in every area of life. If you want to experience more Perfect Days, adopt the habit of 4-11: 4 intentional, momentum-filled game-changers, spread amongst self, finance/biz, experiences, and giving back before 11 am. THIS is how you get to the top and weather the storms along the way.

Step one: Realize Perfect Days are not perfect, but they are real. The key to happiness is being in the present and enjoying it.

Step two: If you want to have more Perfect Days, begin with gratitude and giving. Develop a grateful heart. Gratitude is a demonstration of true character. Climb this mountain and life will become much clearer on the top. My family has a gratitude jar at our house. Every day, we add three slips of paper to it. Written on each one are the things we are most grateful for. We are chemically rewiring our brains daily for positivity in preparation of the next storm.