I was recently on Instagram and typed this question into the search box. Some of the answers I read made sense while others were pretty out there. Each person had a plan of survival. So, the question is: what is yours?

We are overcomers! It’s in our DNA. We not only find ways to survive; we discover ways to thrive. Some people wrote that they go on adventures; others cope at home, but most looked for ways to advance – not retreat!

I love connecting with people, and one of the ways I survive the ups and downs of life is through relationships. Personal relationships form the backbone of my life, work, and Perfect Day. People are at the heart of what makes me tick.

But to be truly liberated in this rollercoaster world where markets move swiftly, are volatile, and can go up or down on a whim, you first need to gain the right perspective. If you are an ambitious entrepreneur – this means coming to terms with the fact that work is not everything!

Business owners and employees often simply check the wrong box! They choose to “live to work” and forget that it should be the opposite. “You need to work to live – work enables you to fund your everyday needs and also the fun you share with those who mean the most.

Remember! A business shingle can fall down. In time, ink on a resume fades. Awards and plaques collect dust! Put your time and energy into becoming what you are truly meant to be – a successful family member, friend, and yes, business owner and/or co-worker.

Be grateful, stop striving, and take a deep breath! Look at what you have and realize you will summit the mountain you are climbing, but not by pulling, struggling, and becoming frustrated. You summit by taking advantage of the opportunities given to you, by setting goals that add to the world around you and not subtract from its goodness and greatness.

I promote a Perfect Day lifestyle because I have learned through life’s trials and defeats that life is not perfect! The perfection comes from knowing that when you step off the hamster wheel, you begin your journey forward. It’s all about having the right perspective and I can show you how to gain this.

My Perfect Day Boot Camp is a perfect opportunity to review your financial investments and create a new savings strategy that works with your lifestyle now and after retirement.

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