Find your purpose in life and lean into the edge of it! Reach for your stars because you may actually grab one! But you can’t grab anything if you don’t get up and try. Performance measured is performance improved!

These are some of the words that I use to teach clients to regain their step in life. Many have fallen into a rut and can’t climb out of it. Having a purpose in life takes courage. I know.

I hear people talk about seeking their purpose, but each day is a mirrored image of the one before it. I want to encourage you to get out and discover yours. Honestly, you have more than one purpose – friend, daughter, son, wife, mom, entrepreneur, company exec, and more.

Personally, I love adding micro purposes to my life. I love the feeling that comes from having a fresh goal sitting out in front of me – one that is just waiting to be conquered. Besides having my own list that fills up my days, I have a new one and it’s to “hit” all the high points in the U.S. “Highpointing” has become a popular activity for people of all ages.

Last weekend, I hit the roof of Virginia and tapped the top of Mt. Rogers. This means, I only have 48 states to go! I’ve climbed Denali in Alaska.
Having a goal that is both reachable and challenging motivates me to go higher. I believe the same can be true for you. Don’t just live each day. LIVE every day with a purpose in mind.

Since I’m connected with the non-profit She Climbs, Highpointing or Peakbagging, each state makes sense. Plus, I can take my girls with me on most of these climbs and hikes. This is in keeping with my 411 Perfect Day plan.

So, what “highpointers” do you have in your life? Are you making the necessary preparations needed to reach your goals? Or are you wishing that you knew how to step out and begin? I can show you how – maybe not how to climb a physical mountain but how to tackle and victoriously conquer life’s highpoints beginning with the challenges laid out within the Perfect Dayformat.

Hitting the 50 state highpoints of the United States is an increasingly popular peakbagging pursuit. But what about hitting the high points in life that includes your finances, contributions, experiences, and your time spent with those that mean the most to you?

Look for creative ways to bring all of this together. Begin your quest; and when you do, you will gain a new sense of fulfillment that few experience. “Highpointers” or not, set a goal to find your purpose – micro or macro and lean into it!