Already falling down on your 2018 goals? Did you avoid establishing resolutions altogether and find you are in a rut?

Millions of perfectly capable, high-functioning business owners and non-business owners alike are crippled right now as their ability to keep New Year’s resolutions falls to the wayside. Whether its one month into a new year or 2 months before the end of a year what I hear is nothing sticks – New Year’s resolutions and new business hacks/habits, in particular.

Deep down we are all “growers.” We embrace and challenge ourselves based on the belief that personal growth is the spice of life. Entrepreneurs and individuals alike are consistently looking for meaningful, positive change in a multiple areas of our lives. Yes, yes, yes.

What’s on your “nag” list? You know, the list that the invisible creep who whispers in your ear each day or each week with the lull of low decibel “nanny nanny boo boo’s” and various other shame on you messages:

“I knew you wouldn’t get in shape, or pay off that credit card,
much less work on your business versus remaining the
biggest grunt of an employee in your business.”

The devil inside counts on being right and wants to whisper sweet nothings of negativity in your ear.

Fire him (the devil is a man, sorry, guys). Bye Bye, Adios.

Want to know how to REALLY fire the devil inside? Say thank you.

Merci Beaucoup. Gracias. Asante Sana. Thank You.

That’s right. If you rewire your brain – and ONLY if you rewire your brain – are you capable of transformative change in your life; which starts first with getting rid of negative self-talk.

Gratitude is the foundation of transformation.

So, how, when you’re falling down on the job, does one tap into thankfulness?

I won’t lie to you, at first, its contrived.

For 21 days, start your day by writing down 1-3 (yes, 3 will be hard at first). Your ultimate daily goal is 3 things that you are thankful for. According to my favorite “TED Talker” and expert on the subject of Happiness, Shawn Achor, we know that you will effectively rewire your brain for positivity.

Don’t believe Shawn? Is this too benign for you? Well then get a dose of my favorite social media mogul, Gary Vaynerchuck. Here’s his take on gratitude: “Shits pretty easy.”

So, get “grateful as F*%$!” and win the mindset game—-get in the Perfect Day mindset: it all begins with gratitude, then, transformation is yours.