Thoughts and memories run through my head as I am at Basecamp now acclimating to the altitude before beginning the climb to Mt. Everest. This is NOT a short trek and, on the way up, I recalled so many memories from past hikes.

Five years ago, I headed out on a simple day trek with my team and less than 100m in, I had a mini-panic attack. As my heart rate increased, I over-heated too quickly. It was somewhat devastating.

A panic attack on any level is scary and depleting. I was terribly embarrassed but now I realize that I am not the only person who has experienced these.

At the time, I found myself asking, “How could this happen at 4200m when my objective in a few days is 6000m+ (over 20,000 feet)?” This was certainly NOT the confidence booster I was looking for. But you never know in life exactly why you are training.

Push through; Be an Overcomer!

Calm under extreme pressure is something we need to practice. It is a real thing that we need to know how to slow down and listen to our bodies. I now know to be confident in my own pace and not to overheat. No matter who is climbing faster than me, I’m on my trek and holding to it. I’ve not had it happen since.

The same rings true of training to climb Mt. Everest at home on my treadmill with my oxygen mask on. I would push myself cardio-wise/heartrate to where I would get nervous and find myself needing to rip off the O2 mask in an effort to avoid a similar panic attack.

Pushing yourself too far, too fast is wrong for any situation in life. I would back off with a goal of not ripping the mask off. I’d push the limit and then back down.

My training did not include only cardio. It also included mental strength. Usually, we are totally unaware of what we may be training for in the future. Financial, spiritual—you name it—if you are not prepared, a panic attack can slip up on you.

Acclimating to Change

I advise clients, many who are entrepreneurs, on how to pace their lives so they never have to deal with sleepless nights consumed with fear and panic. 

Bank on learning all that you can about what’s ahead. Make wise decisions and listen to your body and your emotions. I write this because so many suffer from anxiety or panic attacks and so few are willing to talk about it. Talking about it and seeking a permanent solution is what you need to do.

Now, I’m at Mt. Everest Basecamp and acclimating to altitude changes. My mind is set on the goal and not on all the fuss that goes on around “getting” there. IT IS possible to fix the feelings of anxiety or panic once and for good.

I did eight years ago, in the midst of commuting from Colorado to South Carolina to work 2-3 times/month. This commute included six plane rides plus two to three connections, which equaled 18 plane door closures!

For some reason, I started having panic attacks when the airplane door closed. After much work, I’m free of the attacks. In fact, last month, I sat on the run-way for 3.5 hours with no  hint of a problem. Unbelievable!

The reason I’m sharing this with you is to say, “You can be free of any issue like this.” Perfect Days are not free of trials or difficulties. You just train and be diligent in your own solution—spiritually, medically, physically, and emotionally.

Bump Up Your Joy

Today, I continue to adjust to the altitude gain and my surroundings. Mt. Everest looms in the distance, but I celebrate being here and also what we are doing together through Everyday Everest.

Bump up your motivation and joy to do your four things before 11 am. —

• Core — Stay strong. Focus on what is really meaningful in your life—your family, loved ones, and then, yes, your business.

• Experience — You don’t have to climb Mt. Everest in order to experience life in a fresh new way. What have you put off doing? Stop procrastinating and go for your goals.

• Giving — Giving something away each day. Give of your time, your advice, or pay for the person’s Starbucks in line behind you. There is something packed into giving that brings abundant joy and peace.

• Financial — download your free copy for Liberated Investor and learn what you could be gaining toward your investments. Then when I return, we can talk through the best options for you now and the future.

I’m asking you to continue to join me in my climb to the top of Mount Everest by supporting my effort to promote awareness for cancer outreach, education, and screenings. 

Do Something Extraordinary!

I’m still saying that “Everyday people do extraordinary things and some days, just making and keeping a pap, skin or #mammogram appointment is like summiting a mountain.”

If I can make it to #everestbasecamp in support of @hollingscancercenter YOU can take the health pledge and commit to reprioritizing your health TODAY. 

Please visit my personal Everyday Everest website. There you will learn what you can do to support this cause, and PLEASE take my healthcare pledge, and consider donating to this life-giving effort! 

Thank you for your support. I’ll keep you updated from the approach trail that leads to the top of Mt. Everest.