Hello from Mt. Everest Base Camp! Day 3 was spent training on the glacier; more of the same to come. Ice climbing and rope traversing was also on tap. We practiced ascending and descending. Today ended with my climbing partner Mark Pattison podcasting in the dining tent. So, its more than tents and sleeping bags and glacier training up here at Everest Base Camp.

A LIVE question asked via the podcast touched on the subject of balance. As a follow up question to the existential question of “balance,” was “Do you feel climbing is a selfish sport?”

You’ll have to tune in for the answer (Mark’s podcast), but before you cast your vote—put on your spiritual lenses or from where I am physically—your Himalayan-Buddhist-Dalia Lama “compassion” glasses . . . and ponder your answers. I’ll give you a hint: balance is everything to each one of us—balance for everyday living, balance for your finances, balance for compassion and caring and balance for your core as you live each day.

AND, with those lenses on, ask, “Where do I find balance?” At the heart of those answers are more Perfect Days coming your way—!

Remember, if I can make it to #everestbasecamp in support of @hollingscancercenter and the fight against cancer, you can take the health pledge! Visit my personal Everyday Everest website to learn more. There you will learn what you can do to support this cause, and PLEASE consider donating to this life-giving effort! 

You can track my climb to the top of Mt. Everest! Recently, I married a terrific guy: Tim Cox. So, you will notice on www.share.garmin.com my name is Cokie or Helen Cox!

Thanks for giving! I’ll keep you updated as we push on to the top of Mt. Everest.