My Challenge to you is to transform your life. Focus on what you really want to be.

“Permission Granted” — you can ditch the resolution talk! It’s how I will map out my Perfect year ahead for January 1, and you can do the same! Don’t fall into the resolution trap this year—get a jump on life and sustain your bounce and effort year-round with a plan that alleviates stress and focuses on ABUNDANCE.

What am I saying? Simply, don’t throw yourself in the huge heaping pile of resolution rubble come February 10th. Just say “No” but “Yes” to more Perfect Days. Unsure how or what that means? It all starts with a FREE 15-minute consult. Be Brave and give it a try.

So, why am I not going to ever make a New Year’s Resolution? Huh? That’s right. I don’t and I won’t. New Year’s Resolutions are for people who don’t have anything else to do and that’s not you or me. We can make right choices throughout the year and not have to rely on a try it one-time fix!

While there’s nothing inherently wrong with setting New Year’s Resolutions, they usually lead to dead ends. People make these really hard and fast promises at the beginning of the year and find each one even harder to keep.

For example, if you want to get into better shape, set a plan in place and not a resolution! There are so many fitness options available, it’s just not difficult to do, and you can begin at any point in the year. Fitness watches really do help!

Why not begin today—before January 30 hits and you feel like you have failed at something you really did not need to do?!

Here are the Facts!

You don’t have be among the 44% of people who make resolutions and don’t stick with them after 3 or 6 months.

According to The Wallstreet Journal

  • 60% of respondents to their study said they would be making New Year’s Resolutions,
  • Only 40% of them did,
  • And 44% of those ‘Resolution Makers’ stick with them 6 months or less.

So, kudos to the less than 18% who will still be going to the gym in June 2022!

My suggestion: ditch resolution day and begin to take on a new mindset for the new year with 411. Do four things that will give you a new perspective before 11 am. It’s a lifestyle change that works, and it doesn’t begin in the gym!

If you must adopt a “resolution a day” make it small and reachable and meaningful. Make it something you can do TODAY and tomorrow and the days up ahead—it a Perfect Day choice!

What Makes up Perfect Day?

Core Keep strong on the inside and the outside. Core strength includes your values, relationships, and spirituality. It means that when you are tempted to work hours that are way too long at the office, you opt out and go home to be with those that really make a difference in your life—family and friends. Relationships are eternal. Jobs, positions, status are here today; but tomorrow, they could be gone.

Experiences Enjoy life. Go on a one-day adventure and don’t post it on social media. Just enjoy being alive and being with who you are with or by yourself. In the movie “Shawshank Redemption,” Morgan Freeman’s character says, “You either get busy living or you get busy dying. Which is it going to be?”

Contributions Find a way to give to others. Give to your community, to your church—Just GIVE. Giving makes your heart glad. Try it and see. There are a lot of opportunities all around you. Don’t just throw money at something! Give from your heart to encourage another, and you will be surprised just how it changes your life. Here’s a real challenge: Give without looking for a return!  

Finances In this environment, it’s important to be the best financially that you can be. Save, invest, and always plan. Take time to understand your portfolio and be wise. Download my free book Liberated Investor and learn what really goes on behind the scenes on Wallstreet! Better yet, set up a free consult with me and let’s talk about how you can be more profitable in 2022.

Find Your Pathway and Make it Count!

So, for me, Perfect Day embodies several things: delivering a random act of kindness, working with a client, and seeing the results of our labor together, taking time to be with my girls and my husband and you get it: My Family, my list is long, and gratitude is at the top of it.

Random Question: Need a scarecrow or a tin man to nudge you along the right path this year?

Without the neon yellow brick road illuminating the TRUE path to your next Perfect Day, Month or Year, it’s easy to be wooed by other things. Make a choice to choose to do that which aligns with your core values and long-term aspirations. If you do this, you will end up at your target destination.

THIS is the tough stuff: what do you really, really want? What is really aligned with your true self and the fabric of who you are?

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