DONE with all the do-gooders who are grateful for their 2021?

If I see one more person grateful for an Everest summit, or their new job or their engagement…fill in the blank—RIGHT?

Had the best year ever yet feel there’s something missing? THAT. I see you. I’m HER. I DID summit Everest. And if I see another summit pic, I’ll UNFOLLOW (sorry team!)—I need more. You do too. I see you. I feel it. You’re unclear on the way out. Unclear on the tee-tiny shift you need to make to see meaningful change today and in 2022. Me too—that means… It’s time to do the work.

Have you heard the Instagram Reels with the song…”They say One day you’ll leave this world behind, so live a life you will remember”…squeeky girl singing..?? It’s unnerving. YES? Then, read on.

Being inspired by a moment with an uplifting good song or some social media moments browsing others’ pretty pictures achieving greatness isn’t good enough…January, February March….What the? Have you seen that Reel? Don’t know where you’ll be in January, February or March that makes you feel hopeful for 2022? Nothing planned? Then plan for more void—PLAN for more ho hum.

BTW…You…WE, have Lifestyle Deficit Disorder/LDD. Before you laugh, think about it…can you answer YES to any of these questions; I have ample time to do what I want to do, I delegate well, I wear only 2-3 hats, I have plenty of money to impact my life and those around me. Did you answer yes to any of those? Then I bet you’re ready to liberate your life, your relationships and/or your business. Is it time to sell? Staff up? Pivot? I’d bet you’re ready for more perfect days.

Permission granted to feel jipped. AND, permission granted to be brave enough to fail at filling that void. Failure is step one to getting where youre supposed to be. Lets fail forward. Commitment to a dream is harder than executing that dream. Having summited Everest I feel I’m qualified to say that—-the commitment IS harder than the DOING. The trouble is….what’s your dream? What do you need to commit to? AH HA. Let’s do the work:

Choose a framework to make the pictures happen. To make the song your song…and to not be a hater (a bit strong, but you feel me, yes?)

Engange online with 3 modules and over 20 videos online…the course is not $497, but free until 1/3/2022 with sign up and 4 week commitment to writing your perfect day; auditing my course for my marketing team, and 411’ing for 8 weeks straight-411 journal included. Huh? Don’t worry about it—its a DEAL and WE need this. YOU need this. If you fall short of the commitment, well, I’ll come steal your puppy and require you to donate $497 to a charity of my choosing. I’ll find you-and your puppy. Get ready to be the annoying people on IG this time next year. Get ready for more money, impact and filling the void. Permission granted. Be a lover not a hater…transformation included!

It’s New Year’s Eve. Choose you-going into tomorrow having said yes to you and no to the void. Choose more perfect days.