Today’s 411 LIVE Theme is LESS!

Found my way-love amongst the hating…a NEW year’s confession

From the client’s mouth:

“I had such an A-Ha while going through the perfect day process with you—the outcome, I know sets me up for a great 2022, not only financially, but with what matters most.’ JW, Dallas, TX

How I spent my time/wellness (Core):

Convalescing—having some COVID 1:1 with my girls on NYE, games, perfect day-ing; doing LESS…yet having fun! Car skiing…you’ll have to watch today’s live to find out what that’s all about!

How I spent my money (Financial/WINK):

What Investors Need to Know. NOW. You’re 3 feet from gold…1 yard line….don’t give upGrab a copy of Think and grow Rich—and let’s DO. Growing Rich is more than financial riches. 2022 will rock ALONE if you read and follow 1/8th of Napolean Hill’s old school guidance.

What I’m excited about (Experience):

Less. Less contractors, less things to buy, less time commuting, less shame—more enjoying where I am and what I have. I’m excited about my renewal of my own perfect day and what it revealed—it brought me home. There I was hating all the summit pic people we’re posting on Instagram as part of their favorite year of 2021 and I and every Senator was even envious. How could that be? How could such a gap exist? It’s crazy and you need to know that gapping is real for all of us. The best news is, is all it took was resetting my perfect day meter to get me back on course to loving that summit pack and being present and all that I currently have an am.

What Inspired me (Contribution):Taking another individual through PD process and it revealing that her greatest contribution this year is going to be to her self, because if she’s healthy, she can give more to her family and friends. Cliché maybe, but oh so true…

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