Do you have a vision for your future? Has your vision taken flight?

The truth is, many don’t recognize that they DO have a vision, simply because they haven’t taken the time to step aside from the day-to-day minutia to see that in fact, what they want in life IS playing out. I see this on the ground level because I work with clients at all points in life. Last year’s shutdowns taught us many things beginning with how to dig deep within and keep going and growing. If you’re doing this—you have a vision deep within you that is driving you to keep going. The question is at what cost–what is the impact of head down, keep moving without your WHY?

One of my mantras is— “When life changes and difficulty is involved (many times it is), learn to change yourself so that you are stronger and can meet the challenges before you. Don’t ever give up or give in!” I got to the top of Mt. Everest not because I was super strong physically but because I set my eyes on the goal and kept them there. I got to the top because (well, a great deal of it was weather, a kick-ass Team, and a dash of luck) I knew my WHY.

Perfect Days start with knowing your WHY–driven of course by your deeply rooted values. What makes you, you.

It’s a given fact not everyone made it through last year without a scratch. Many faced business closures and life altering moments. But, think about this for a moment: most of the things that threaten your success can actually end up changing you for the better. But you have to make healthy mental choices along the way. Ready to start?

Time to Revisit Your Life Goals

When I notice a client—Perfect Day or Alphavest—getting off track, I know it’s time to revisit their core vision and goals. A mental and emotional checkup reveals any losses, gains, shifts in desires, or frustrations.

If you are off track and on an unfamiliar pathway, you need to know why and how to get back on without running into feelings of anxiety or pushing too hard. You can refocus your life and move forward again even in a changed environment. So, no hard work or big shifts–small pivots can get you there. It a starts with a simply excercise in gratitude, and asset inventory (you’ll need me for this one!) and a commitment to a daily 4-1-1 framework that can take as little as 4 minutes each day.

So, if we were to sit down and talk, what would you say about your current situation? Are you struggling, thriving or unsure? You can schedule a free 15-minute consult with me if you’d lilke.

The CEO in the boardroom can have a meltdown and feel like life is so incredibly NOT PERFECT just as easily as anyone else. The young executive may secretly battle thoughts of never reaching his or her goals.

How do we readjust the curve in your life so that the pathway before you makes sense again or even for the first time? Ahem–it’s a 15 minute consult away. What will that cost you, except 15 minutes?

Recently, we watched a young Olympian make a bold decision to focus on her core values and not be swayed by the noise of cheering crowds. It takes courage to live life today.

Admit What is Important and be Willing to Sacrifice to Achieve it!

I have an exercise that I do with clients that is called vision focuser. It teaches people how to express what they truly want in life and how to achieve it.

It all begins with honesty—being realistic with where you are and where you want to go in the next five years and beyond.

But sometimes this Perfect Day exercise can go off the rails when a client suddenly tells me his goal is to purchase a private jet. Or another client confesses that her Perfect Day vision includes staring into a closet full of hundreds of pairs of designer shoes and feeling happy. (Real examples. Yes.)

Why do we need a vision that reflects who we are at our core and what we want to accomplish? Obviously, a day full of “shoe watching” or the pursuit of happiness through owning a private jet, rarely translates into real life assets–joy. I’ll explain.

An Asset Inventory is where the rubber meets the road in getting your Perfect Day written—the path to your WHY. By the way, the client whose Perfect Day included a closet full of new shoes didn’t list this on her Asset Inventory, so shoes did not make the cut for her Perfect Day after all!  So, she did not steer off-course to the wrong Perfect Day path. No judgement here, I’m a shoe-girl FOR SURE.

The same goes for the overachiever who wanted to purchase a jet for vacation and business trips. Even though he bought the private jet, he made some crucial decisions before the purchase to refocus his vision, so it lined up with his core values. The jet was a means to an end–not his WHY or end goal.

Learn What has “Life-Importance” and Cling to These

The material things we have in life—assets—we have now and will have later, never bring true fulfillment.  They may be needed so we can “do” life but the assets that bring lasting returns include things like family, relationships, giving back to society and others through volunteer work, and, yes, a bigger 401(k).

This Vision Focuser that I use helps to define where you are, what needs to shift (even in shifting times), and where you can go for the future. It is an inventory of your most important assets and will show you how to identify which assets you are missing. In other words which assets you need to bring balance to your life in the out of balance times.  

The strength of your vision is a gateway to achieving the things that are truly the most important. Just know up front, that if you were facing your last days on this earth, you probably would not list a Lexus or a Louis Vuitton collection among the “most important” assets.

No, you would dig deeper to discover what really matters and how to gain and keep these.

You can Plot Your Own Perfect Day

Plotting out your Perfect Day assets is powerful. You see areas where you’ve invested yourself, time, energy, resources, and passion—and areas where you have missed opportunities.

Interested to learn how to begin? Download a free copy of my book Perfect Day and learn how you can take the broken pieces of your life and shape them into something that has tremendous value and meaning. It all begins with a click on the download button.

OR, be BOLD and you can join me for a Perfect Day retreat at Canyon Ranch September 23 -26, in Tucson, AZ. I just finished tagging the top of the world’s tallest mountain—Mt. Everest. Learn from my WHY as a gateway to defining your own. Get ready to be inspired to live life at a greater level. With plenty of time for reflection, renewal, and rest built into the agenda, we assure you, Canyon Ranch will not disappoint..

During the retreat, I will talk about my Mt. Everest climb, and also explain what motivates me to climb. Hint: It’s not just to reach the top of another mountain! 

Plus, I’ll share tips from my book, Perfect Day, and discuss the very process that motivated me to climb Mt. Everest.

Find your WHY. Look out—many Perfect Days to follow!