Cokie Berenyi Cox just finished tagging the top of the world’s tallest mountain—Mt. Everest. Now, she is ready to head to Canyon Ranch in Tucson, AZ, to lead a three-day retreat— September 23-26. Space is limited, so sign up soon to claim your spot!

During the retreat, Cokie will talk about her Mt. Everest climb, but she also will explain what motivates her to climb. Hint: It’s not just to reach the top of another mountain! 

Plus, she’ll share tips from her book, Perfect Day, and discuss the very process that delivered her to the summit of Mt. Everest. Get ready to be inspired to live life at a greater level. You’ll also gain useful insights to how you can grow personally while growing your business or furthering your career.

This time with Cokie will change the way you do life, and there will be plenty of time for renewal, rest, and inspiration! 

Canyon Ranch is situated in the lush desert of the southwest—Tucson, AZ. This oasis resort atmosphere offers plenty of stress-free moments filled with relaxation. It’s a perfect setting to unwind, experience exhilaration, and healthy living.

Cokie Berenyi Cox has been in financial services since 1996. She is a proud mother of two teenage girls, wife, author, business owner, financial and Perfect Day engineer, who loves life, food, wine, travel, stray dogs, goat cheese, tennis, and alpine mountaineering.

She is the founder of Alphavest, an industry pioneer that is right-sizing Wall Street one client at a time and seeks to inspire investors and entrepreneurs with her insightful vision and storytelling of her many experiences. All of this is done with the intent to lead others to be their best whether it is on a mountain slope or in a boardroom. Her passion for entrepreneurship includes for-profit and not-for-profit businesses.

She’s also the author of two popular books: Perfect Day: A Guide to Curing Lifestyle Deficit DisorderTM and Reclaiming Your Business, Your Relationships, and Your Life and The Liberated Investor: 4 Step Plan to Take Control of Your Financial Future

She is a 40 under 40 recipient and Woman CEO of the Year (2012). Her recent summit of Mt. Everest along with four other major summits has placed her in an exclusive “club” of Alpine climbers. Cokie is well on her way of reaching her goal to climb the 7 tallest summits of the world before 2023. 

Finally, as the founder of two non-profit organizations: Rein & Shine and She CLIMBS, Cokie inspires young women to reach their life goals and dreams. Her philosophy for life is centered on gratitude, love for her family and friends, and wisdom gained through experience. Learn more about Cokie at or

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