‘…You’re my Quarterback. I don’t know how I’d do it without you….’ AW, Charleston, SC

Here’s this week’s 4 of 4-1-1 for more Perfect Days:”

What Investors Need to Know. NOW (WINK)” (Financial):

The BEST investment advice you’ve ever been given…Last week heard Mr. Buffett’s best…this week: We’re discussing B.O. That’s right. Not all BO is bad. Tune in for some investment advice that will help you outperform the S&P 500, 100% of the time with a simple screen of best in breed stocks…AND, an easy way to execute this. YES. And go figure, I’ll throw in a useful investing milk analogy.

What occupied my FREE time (Core):

Wellness and connection—BIG TIME this week. Had the pleasure of an invitation to Shuck Cancer event that involved connecting with a soul I treasure and adore—in conjunction with a yoga session and a Sound Bath. That. The sound bath was one of the most intriguing and creative and by far the most meditative sessions I’ve had in my life. Thanks Kate Moon Yoga and Synchronicity complex-of which I aspire to spend more time at each week. Check out the integrative and healing services offered.

What I’m excited about (Experience):

Legitimizing, after 5 years of managing my own goat herd, TODAY, my small-batch dairy operation. I applied for my Grade A Dairy certification, and the inspection is today. Fingers, and hooves crossed. Why goats? They united my family in a time of need and they continue to offer a father-daughter connect on a daily basis. #AND I can’t live without goat cheese! Goat Cheese making party SOON.

The 4th of the 4-1-1’s and the holy grail of ALL Perfect Days…

What Inspired Me (Contribution):

True connection from a friend who has taken life’s most horrific of circumstances, a two year battle for her 11 year old’s life with Leukemia, and used it as an opportunity to operate life on a higher plane. The owner of Clean Eats Energy Bites , Laura is an ever more dear friend. At a time when I felt connection was at an all time low (a COVID by-product?), she walked in the door with my first Clean Eats Energy Bites delivery (Hello, time saver with a nutrition punch) and connection was ours.

Last week’s theme was Surprise. Laura surprised me. She saw me. Continue the theme and idea of surprising others—and add a dose of connection. Here’s an idea; send someone some Clean Eats. THEY ARE AWESOME. I summited Denali on Clean Eats; they’re great for a late afternoon energy surge, early morning breakfast on the go (for you or your teen) and, well of course supporting local biz is always best. If you’re in the 294-zip code and order Clean Eats this week—I’ll match your order and donate them to One-Eighty Place, downtown (forgive that I called it 360 Place-it’s 530am people!). Thank you Laura for renewing in me the people can take the time and see others. #AND, connect. After all that’s what we’re all wired for….Connection.

Laura’s recommends reading that has brought so much healing and understanding about the aftermath of surviving a diagnoses she was not supposed to; Suleika Jaouad ‘s #betweentwokingdoms as brought to me by the genius, genius, genius podcast Terrible, Thanks for AskingLike Milk, 👆🏼GET SOME.👆🏼

Remember: Perfect Days are not perfect. They are perfect because we learn how to live through each moment by taking what is imperfect and seeing the potential for growth and abundance.

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