First, I’m grateful to be in your “inbox.” Thank you! Second, I encourage you to find real ways each day to show more gratitude to others!

So far, this year has been huge on all fronts. There’s lots to be concerned about, but don’t let your eye get off the ball. Don’t allow hesitation or fear to prevent you from enjoying what is best in this life.

Stay focused and remember: The things that mean the most are not financial in nature! Family, friends, loved ones, your life, and the knowledge you have been given. You have been given great gifts!

“Wealth is not measured by the things you have. It’s measured by the things for which you would not take money.” —Dave Ramsey

Speaking of a Life Well-lived

My mom just celebrated a birthday! It is not a hidden fact that I love to celebrate special days, especially when it revolves around her. Birthdays are always opportunities to give thanks for those you love and all they mean to you. Thanks, mom!

Some of you may feel totally out of touch because you are too caught up in things and events going on around us. It makes sense but news captured by our minds 24-7 can prevent us from going forward each day.

So, in honor of my mother’s birthday and the freedom that comes from gratitude, I want to give you an opportunity to connect with us at Perfect Day. I’m offering you an opportunity to take my most popular seminar for free.

Perfect Day Connect will teach you how to dial into what is important in life, gain clarity for what motivates you to get up and go forward each day, and stay on course when life becomes rocky.

This course includes more than 20 video lessons, split into three modules. Each lesson includes video, worksheets, and an audio mp3 download for those that want to learn on the go.

Here’s a link to Perfect Day Connect and the code to tap into my Perfect Day seminar for free. (Use the code: 100off.)

Change the tune of the music going off in your head. Take it from negativity concerning the stock markets to looking ahead to a better tomorrow!

Football and Underdogs

Recently, I attended a football game during parent’s weekend at my daughter’s university. What I thought would be a losing match up with her team on the minus end turned into anything but that!

I started to think, and it made me wonder if we are on the brink of seeing the rise of the underdog, especially when it comes to the stock market and financial investments. Underdogs can do great things.

Sure enough, in the last six minutes of the football game my daughter’s team put 21 points on the score board and went on to capture the win with ZERO time on the clock!

So, maybe this is an excellent time for you to check with your financial advisor and see how the “underdogs” are doing. This may just be a good analogy for the last six minutes of 2023 where we will go on to see nice wins in the market.

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