Surprise! When’s the last time you heard those words? On your birthday, at Christmas, or yesterday?

The secret about surprises is that they take you off guard. Good surprises warm your heart while not so good surprises make you feel unguarded.

When you were young, you probably had life all planned out. Some of my younger clients want to retire by 35! Surprise! I tell them: don’t plan it all out to a point of being stressed. Live and let life surprise you some.

Recently, I showed up at a friend’s house and totally surprised her! “Surprise,” I shouted as she opened the doorway. What good fun! What a good day and what a good thing to do. I stepped out of my routine and touched another for a 411 moment.

Are You Ready for a Surprise?

When I think about a Perfect Day attitude of gratitude surrounding everyday surprises, I can’t help but smile. Surprises carry with them an individual secret—they teach you how to live lightly, better, and even strategically, especially if you are the one surprising someone else.

I realize some surprises can be unnerving. Like having lunch with a friend and suddenly realizing you left every form of payment back at your office? Surprise! Do you panic? Don’t. Life always finds a way of unfolding in the right direction.

Call it fate or faith: I believe life has a way of working out and it usually does. Off road twists and turns can surprise you by landing you right where you need to be at the right moment!  

So, to complete the story above, when the check was delivered to our table, my friend reached for it and said, “My treat, today!” She had no idea what a surprise that was for me.

Allow yourself to be surprised by joy and the kindness of others at times.

Perfect Days are not always Perfect

What about this surprise: you are sitting in the drive-thru of your favorite coffee place, and the person in front of you does a random act of kindness and pays for your drink!? I have lived in Charleston all my life, and I’m still amazed by surprises like this.

Do you know how to surprise others—strangers in the same way—with an act of kindness? Learning how to manage life’s surprises is essential to living better, because not all of life’s surprises are warm and engaging. Some are disappointing, sorrowful, and ones you would like to forget.

Remember: Perfect Days are not perfect. They are perfect because we learn how to live through each moment by taking what is imperfect and seeing the potential for growth and abundance.

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