A Day Away from Social Media!

Many times, I begin my live 411 broadcasts on Facebook this way: “In a world of imperfection, fear, and excess . . . then I go on to introduce my subject for the day. The fact is that you and I are truly living in a world of imperfection, fear, and excess!

People watch news reports and anxiety and stress build within. I know because I talk with clients every day that are concerned about where our world is headed in our media driven age.

A couple of years ago, I wrote about how the phenomena of Social Media is reshaping our lifestyles. At the time, I was determined to take a family vacation with a band on social media users! At first, it was tough, but we did it and came away with smiles on our faces. And BTW, Social Media has reshaped our lives and our world.

Today, people are more “glued” to their electronic devices than ever. It’s not working well for any of us. There’s close to three billion Social Media users around the world by next year that number will increase even more.

People are “hamster wheeling” their way through life! No wonder you feel overwhelmed and tired, especially, if you are in a rush to hear, see, and repost the next social media thing.

If you are looking to experience more Perfect Days, mind clutter is not the way to do it! Put down your electronic device and come back to the point where you interact on a personal level with those around you.

Overlooking the need to connect with others on a personal level is a sure way to find yourself in what Lee Brower calls a “wobble.” Longtime Perfect Dayers” will know this term.

A Wobble is something that happens when one area of your life becomes more important than another. Too much emphasis on work and you drop into a wobble. Less time spent with those you love and, you guessed it, wobble, wobble, wobble! You wobble because you are not in balance.

It’s like driving a car with one or more underinflated or overinflated tires. When you have a wobble and an emergency comes, the problem is intensified. The crisis can become life changing—serious health risks, divorce, and loss of job.

But if your tires are all equally balanced, then you don’t have a wobble. You can swerve to avoid a problem in front of you, and it’s a non-event. You recover; you move right through it. So, what are the Perfect Day areas that keep you balanced and wobble free?

Your Core Keep it strong! This includes your values, relationships, and spirituality. Fifty-nine percent of Social Media users admit they have a hard time putting down their devices even for an hour. That blows a hole in any Perfect Day

Challenge 1: Turn off your device, take a break and especially refuse to answer incoming calls and text messages once the lights are turned off unless it is an emergency. Set aside time to build stronger connections with those you love. Read a chapter in a book to your children at bedtime, talk one-on-one to your teen or college age student. Take an evening walk with a friend or significant other.

Your Experiences Set aside time to enjoy life. Go on a one-day adventure and don’t post it on social media. Just enjoy being with who you are with!

Challenge 2: Make a choice not to broadcast all that your family does for everyone to see. Consider what you put out on SM feeds. My kids aren’t in my #facebook or Instagram feeds—on purpose. You don’t have to live out your life on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter!

Your Contributions Find a way to give—give back to your community; give to a charity or someone who needs encouragement. Don’t just give material gifts first! Give from your heart, and you will be surprised just how good you feel.

Challenge 3: Give without looking to receive anything in return.

Your Finances Seek to be the best financially. Save, invest, and plan for the future. To begin, it only takes 15 minutes and it is free. My Perfect Day platform offers balance and wisdom— the full scope of what is there for the taking!

Here’s your final challenge: Join me for my free webinar and let’s make 2020 a year of financial success.