Are you Appreciating or Depreciating?

Not all wines get better with age! If we are honest, our bodies don’t either. So, what will time do for you? What will it be?

Tax return-esque straight line depreciation of your rental duplex or are you ready to be uncorked like a 2000 Mouton Rothschild Bordeaux that has been steadily aging, waiting for its perfect debut?

The thought is “You should get better with age.” RIGHT?

As we age, friendships, family, faith, and service to others take a lead role in our happiness, yet if I’m honest, the wrinkles and rolls have tried to rob me of the more meaningful pursuits with the dawning of 50. But after all, I am a newbie at how to make the second half of life better than the first….Join me!

I have to remind myself; I have more experiences—good and bad—more battle scars and victories—more friendships and alliances. We know what we can and cannot do. Sometimes its hard to admit but true. We SHOULD be be bolder and braver. Are you?

Or are you thinking that you are depreciating and decide life is scarier than ever.

There’s no need to ride on a cracked roller coaster just to prove a point!
(Couldn’t resist) Ahem—”What in the world?! Is this America that we live in?”

I hear this a lot, and “I’m too old to FILL IN THE BLANK.”

Not ME. Not. YOU.

It’s time to decide what vintage wine has been aging deep within you. Good question to ask: What do you want to hear if your life were to be uncorked? Perfectly smooth—a bit bold—DRY? I left a few off to be kind.

Far too often, we let a proverbial fine wine sit on the shelf too long. We fail to identify the best time to uncork the greatness. Time to sell? Or time to set that idea on fire?

Don’t be “the guy on the plane”— listen to this podcast ASAP:

Don’t focus on your weaknesses or let your “fear of heights” or fear of anything else hold you back from being your best — time for a scary pivot? Sell your biz? Start a new one? Retire? Are you capable of big moves? I think we all are–some are just better at them than others. This is all between the earlobes.

DECIDE to be excited for the future. Be bold. Uncork that bottle. Uncork the greatness and the potential inside of you.

I’m always game for a hand-hold and a jump into what seems to be ice cold water but is really room temp. Let’s DO IT. Appreciate ON.

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