Years ago, I discovered the key to more perfect days was not having more but instead living well through the days you have been given.

Today, lots of people are struggling with simple things like how to get up in the morning! They feel pulled down by the news on TV or the lack of what they need for each day. Finally, it seems we are all turning a corner from shear shock over the current events of our world to a point where we are looking for solutions that bring hope.

We are not built to be reclusive! We were created (designed or whatever terminology you want to use) to be active and productive. In other words, you are made to move—even if it is for a short distance. I know some of you have physical issues that prevent you from doing too much, but you can move your mind in the right direction.

My days are full! I have a family, a business, and a farm. There are times when it seems that every single minute is assigned to something or someone that rings with importance. Other times, my greatest battle is how to take time for me—myself—and breathe.

Perfect Day came out of the reality that there are NO perfect days at all. In fact, the ones that are “perfect” are the ones born in the storms of life. They are perfectly NOT perfect, but we learn to handle the storms and disappointments of life in a way that brings hope and meaning.

As I talk to my clients and read what many are writing about this time in history, I find myself wanting to add basic suggestions to motivate them to see beyond any disappointment or anxiety to a place of hopeful change. So, here are my suggestions.

Get up in the mornings! Begin your day earlier rather than later. One of the worse things you can do is “hang out” in bed. I realize for some this can be a battle but don’t reverse your days. Healthcare workers tell us that the best thing any of us can do is to keep a healthy schedule. Go to bed at a decent time at night and get up in the morning. That means get up and do something “real” like open the door to your house and step outside. Better yet, go for a short walk or run. One person wrote that this was the toughest thing for her to do, but once she realized that while her walk began with grayness, it ended with sunlight and joy. Let this be true for you!

Keep a journal. I’m big on keeping a gratitude jar on the counter for my family, but I want to challenge you (and myself ) to journal each day three different things that you are grateful for. The adage, “Gratitude equals attitude,” is not a joke. Begin your days with gratitude and you will notice a shift in how you view life and others. Or you may choose to close out your day by recording a simple memory or reflection that brings a smile to your face. The benefit is that over time these positive thoughts will reprogram your thinking and instead of living a life of negativity, you will shift your focus to see your potential along with positive ideas and thoughts.

Create a memory wall. Print photos and frame items that really mean something to you. I recently shared a photo of a wall in my house that contains some of my favorite memories. There are photos of my girls, a letter I wrote many years ago to a US President, and much more. I walk into this room and immediately my mood lightens! Create a gallery of positive memories in your home and you will never regret it.

Experience life: Set goals and work to keep them. I know a person who keeps a list of “must dos” on a small piece of paper. This list goes with her, and she checks off what she has accomplished. If, at the end of the day, something is left on the list she just rolls it over to the next day. The point is this: she is focused and accomplishes more when she is organized and motivated. Oh, I didn’t mention that keeping a short list will motivate you to reach your goals, so set reachable ones along with goals that may take a little more effort. Goals motivate us to move but they also reward us by letting us know that we can “do this!”

Give: Do things for others! This is a huge challenge, but it remains a cornerstone to my Perfect Day philosophy! It requires you to take off your self-centered outer layer and do something for someone else. It could include a phone call to a friend, a quick meeting to acknowledge a new idea, a hug, a personal note written or a message left. It’s a touch that says, “You are important” and goes beyond you to reach the life and heart of someone else. Have you ever been in line at Starbucks and had the person at the window tell you that your bill has been paid by the person in front of you? I have. You can’t say thank you because the person is gone! It was a random act of kindness that left you with a smile on your heart. Be the person who does random acts of kindness for someone else today!

Spend money on things that bring richness to your home life. Build an outdoor fire pit for the gathering of friends and family or buy something like a new grill. Life, today, is all about living full right where you are and being with those you love. Sure, you can buy a beach home, an RV, or build a new addition. I’m suggesting that you begin with the word ‘meaningful’ in mind. What would bring more meaning to your relationships? Spend money on doing those things and watch your life expand with goodness and love.

When we are less “me” focused and more centered on the needs of others, our lives become healthier and happier.

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