Hello from Everest Base Camp (EBC)! What an experience yesterday was!! Extreme in every way but there also was plenty to learn.

Now, I realize why it’s called Base Camp. You work from a “base” as you go up and back down part of Mt. Everest. Each step of the way on yesterday’s trek gave us an opportunity to get used to being on the Khumbu Icefall as we climbed in this strangely amazing environment.

Today, we left after breakfast and ascended to about 18,500 ft. Wow! The weather was super—beautiful blue skies. Our guides did say: “great conditions” in the Icefall. 

This type of weather offers each one of us an opportunity to practice our ascending and repelling skills. These we will need as we actually do head all the way up through the Icefall to Camp I.

Climbing into the lower part of the Khumbu Icefall

We went approximately a quarter of the way to Camp I. Then the weather forecast is saying that later today we could have some snow. Guides now are saying that we’ll delay our actual ascent to Camp I until the 21st or 22nd. So, more training today at EBC after an ice bridge collapse/route damage and lots of snow! We hope to head up 3 am on the 21st (today) or 22nd.  

I want to let everyone know that all is well, but I also want to ask: “What can you do today to make your day Perfect?” Even here at Everest Base Camp, I practice our four Perfect Day principles: (Perfect Day Connect)

I work on my Core—spiritual, emotional, and mental values. While this trip is a capstone to my life, it is not at the core of my being—my family is. My heart is with them. Tell a loved one today that you care deeply for them. Be kind to those you meet. This truly is a time for kindness no matter what you do in life.

Experience life. Climbing Everest is a life dream/goal for me but just importantly is sitting down with a friend and enjoying a sunset. Life is much more than racing from one huge experience to another. Be content where life is for you right now!

Give and you will uncover a huge sense of peace and blessing. Give to Everyday Everest in support of cancer education and awareness. Look for little ways to give to others. Personally, I give, right now, through positive encouragement and spreading of hope. Cut off the negative flow and turn on the positive!

Your Finances, be determined to grow and invest for your future. Download a free copy of the Liberated Investor. When I return let’s talk and get you turned on the right pathway for the days up ahead and also retirement.

Remember, if I can make it to #everestbasecamp in support of @hollingscancercenter and the fight against cancer, you can take the health pledge! Visit my Everyday Everest website to learn more. PLEASE consider donating to this life-giving effort! 

You can continue to track my climb (real time) to the top of Mt. Everest on www.share.garmin.com look for the name Helen Cox (married name)!

Thanks for giving! I’ll keep you updated as we push on to the top of Mt. Everest.