Lots of news has been coming away from Mt. Everest. Despite some of the tragic situations, my team is now at Camp 2, and we are continuing to push for the summit. We are healthy—I’m healthy and feel strong.

So, here’s your Perfect Day thought: What are you facing today that seems hard, if not difficult to the point of being overwhelming? Are you a CEO of a company that is positioned to go forward but there is something holding you back? Now, you are faced with a tense board meeting over the issue. It’s time to summit! It’s time to “Push for the summit.” It’s time to reach that goal! Go for it!

Some people go forward while others fall back. Don’t shrink back! Remember, what you achieve by going for any summit is more important than actually standing on it.

Viktor Frankl wrote: “When we are no longer able to change a situation—we are challenged to change ourselves.” That’s what I have done in climbing this mountain. I have adjusted to the altitude, the severe weather conditions, and the difficulties.

My goal is the same—summit—but my method has been molded to meet the challenge with success. Are you open to change or closed to what must be done to move forward? Only you can answer that question.

Or maybe your summit is to stop, rest, and look for the right opening to go forward. There’s so much strength and wisdom to be gained in being able to rest well.

Yesterday, we came through the Khumbu Icefall. We passed Camp I and climbed through the Western Cwm to where we are now resting for the next big push. I am grateful for this “set aside” time to regain strength before pushing on.

I was also grateful for the wind as we climbed. The winds in life can be used against you or for you. This area can be very hot, so wind was welcomed! I know that seems strange, but it is true. So, rest without apologies if it’s needed. Gain strength and get ready for the next part of your journey.

Group leaders are telling us that we could have a “weather window” around May 21, but we don’t  have a definite weather forecast yet. So, for now, we remain at Camp 2 until we are given the go to climb to Camp 3

I’m healthy, eating well (smile), and keeping my spirits up as I look at the amazing views surrounding me. This is a once in a lifetime place. It’s clear, sunny, and warm. Today: life is “a Perfect Day” at Camp 2.

When I can, I read your comments. Thank you for your continued prayers.

Remember, my climb is not just to reach another mountain summit. I climb to raise awareness for cancer prevention! I advocate for putting down and stopping anything that could lead to you having a cancer diagnosis! Prevention is where we start!

Climb with me! Take the health pledge (everyone) that’s linked with my website. If I can climb Mt. Everest in support of @hollingscancercenter and the fight against cancer, you can do what is needed to take care of yourself and summit the mountains in your own life!

Also, track my climb to the top of Mt. Everest on www.share.garmin.com! I’ll keep you updated as I continue to push on to the top of Mt. Everest.