Merry Christmas!

The presents have all been opened and the house is quiet and my thoughts turn to gratitude. Never focus on what you have received but set your heart’s desire to discover how much more you can give to those who are in need.

So, on this Christmas, my question is this: Have you just given or have you truly given. It’s not too late. Each new day provides new opportunities for us to give something of ourselves to someone else.

My heart goes out to the families, who have lost loved ones this year. It has been a difficult time. I know hurt runs deep, especially during this season, which is one of extreme love, commitment and devotion.

2020 will be a year that none of us forget easily. But there were many moments of joy, hope, and a growing desire to reach beyond any fear or frustration and grief. Some of us went forward to experience a new love. I got married and then there was the call to learn new ways to adapt and live and grow. My gratitude jar is full.  

So, with the daylight fading at the farm now, I am very meditative about all that we have faced together, grateful that you have trusted me with your time, finances, and dreams for the future. Let’s keep dreaming and let’s keep growing.

If I could, I would give each one of you a gift of grace and the desire to spend more time with family and those you love. I would also give you the desire to go through life at a slower pace clinging to the moments that mean the most and not the things we acquire along the way.  

I wish for you peace of mind, health, and happiness.

Honestly, the gifts of COVID are plentiful. You and I may not immediately see them. But they are there—hidden in the soft breathing of a sleeping child, the smile you see in the eyes of others, a daughter’s hug, a mother’s touch, a dad’s laughter and even in looking back at this year.

My challenge to you is this: take the best of this time—this COVID time—with you into 2021 and leave the worst behind.

Most of you know Perfect Days are far from perfect. They are days that have the ability to be perfect in our minds and hearts as we live and listen and grow through difficulty. A perfect day is not something that is free of sorrow and disappointment. It is something you experience as you choose to go forward even in the face of great stress.

So, today may have looked a little different but I hope that you found a way to gather in your hearts with family and friends. Join hands in your mind; remember this moment; and be thankful that we are all here and have one another.

May your New Year be blessed with moments of goodness, hope, love, and lifelong joy.
May 2021 be filled with many perfect days, in the most unimaginable Perfect Day-way.