Confused about Crypto? Even those who claim to ’get’ cryptocurrencies are confused—-whether they know it or not. Don’t tell me that burying $50,000 in Crypto on the summit of the tallest peak of the world, Mt. Everest, doesn’t confuse you . . . a little.

Part of my everyday, Perfect Day quest is to demystify, in some way, some financial issue for the finance newbie, who is seeking liberation.

Crypto stumps me. I have many clients and friends, who—on their quest for perfect days (ahem, financial peace is 25% of the game, Perfect Day tribe!)—randomly will throw me crypto and #blockchain inquiries. They’re assuming that my 2+ decades in finance/investments (I went to college when I was 10) means I have some knowledge of the subject. Whoops. I don’t.

Seriously though, I DO know enough to be dangerous. Investing in crypto seems, well, maybe not dangerous; but let’s just say, I’d rather climb Everest or #Denali again and bury some more crypto for ASKfm rather than invest in it. No disrespect intended to the lives lost on this Crypto PR stunt–true story, at least one Sherpa died on the ASKfm expedition to the top of the world to bury the $50k of cryptocurrency.

Here’s your Perfect Day 411 dose to add to your buckets of new experiences: learn new things, grow, educate, better your financial toolkit!

Most of all: LISTEN TO THE EXPERTS (a monster Perfect Day attitude . . . ASK for help!):

Bitcoin, for one, is having a rollercoaster of a ride in 2018. The digital currency nearly reached $20,000 in December 2017 as funds poured into cryptocurrencies from investors of all walks; individual and institutional investors.  Here’s what seven experts had to tell CNBC about the future of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

The best nuggets for those of you, like me, who want the cliff-notes; #regulatoryclarity (needed) and the potential for Crypto “ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) to be approved by the SEC.” Both of these nuggets include the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), which investors like you and me need. They  oversee markets, especially in regulating something that sounds like Superman’s poison. Was Crypto bad or good to SM? I digress.

And ETF, essentially, would be a basket of many types of Crypto, Perhaps #bitcoin, and #ethereum to name a couple would spread investors’ risk.

Maybe Perfect Days for you, as it relates to your financial bucket have some room for some risk—and TOTAL loss. If so, dive in, #Bitcoin took a slide from almost $20k to less that $8k today. My go-to expert on all things financial from interest rates to, OK now, #Crypto, @mohamedEl-elerain says wait until Bitcoin hits $5k.

So, now that this sounds like I’m back to my investment guru roots with stock recommendations, I want to pair it with my Perfect Day prowess; True Perfect Day mindset transcends the external—HUH?! When the Crypto you buy, or the plain vanilla #AAPL you decide to invest in goes south, big-time . . . how will you feel? Make sure you’ve got your #Wobble all worked out before diving in and setting yourself up for . . . well, maybe a not-so-Perfect Day.