Keep it real for 2021 and refuse to jump into the game of trying to make and keep resolutions that for the most part will fall apart by February!

Honestly, that’s what the statistics indicate: 80 percent of all resolutions never make it past the end of January! That’s not a good score card. I have found that what applies to your business and personal life usually ends up affecting your financial life.

So, what do I think 2021 can be about? It could be “tidying up.” That’s a Japanese thought. What did you accumulated in 2020 that needs to be cleared out? Clutter—mentally and physically? Lots of us focus on the same old things like resolutions, but I want to tell you why I think you need to change your view.

Resolutions vs Goal Setting

What do I opt for? I set goals that are reachable and have a plan built into them. Grid them out. Don’t just toss something at the wall and see if it will stick—not this year!

Instead keep an open score card and plot your successes and your shortfalls. Resist overreacting. If one day, you have not met your goal, then recount what you have done right and record it.

Success has nothing to do with luck or good wishes falling out of the sky. Sure, there are times when people do seem to have a good hand in a card game but that can be rare. This year, you want to work for something that is sure.

That is why I believe true success is all about setting goals—not just for your business but also for your personal life and then putting the right energy and intentionally around those goals, so they come true.

Goals, like climbing a mountain, include a set of serious and meaningful steps.

So, should you make New Year’s resolutions? I say no. Don’t do it. Resolutions usually involve some specific behavior. Goals require a series of steps that are designed to help you achieve a certain end.

Goals are a well thought out process while resolutions can and usually are based on emotional impulses. For example, I’m going to get up 30 minutes earlier and exercise. That may or may not be your best time.

A better goal is just to begin to walk or go to the gym with a friend. Keep a check list and look at it as a fun part of life that brings better health and physical strength. It is really not an emotional decision—it’s a quality of life decision. Can’t go to the gym because of our immediate Covid environment? Take a hike around your neighborhood. Two miles walked each day is better than none. Get the idea?

Resolutions are always a weak choice.

A resolution is a statement, but a goal is measurable. Always measure your life by quality and not quantity, especially right now.  

Another thing about goal setting is there is always discipline involved. That’s a good thing. Most of you know that I train to climb some of the world’s highest mountains. I get to the summits because I plan out the small steps as well as the broader ones.

During this time when it is best not to travel, I keep hiking by finding places and spaces that work for where I am today. You can do it too. See—goal setting is both creative and productive. Remember what applies for your personal life—works for your business life and your financial future.

Compelling goals keep you active and inspired!

Goals are the key to long-term growth and success. Each year, I review the goals that I set the year before for my business, family, giving, and personal and spiritual growth.

I try to set goals that are short, mid and long range. Short range goals keep you motivated to reach further and think beyond your immediate limitations. You have to be creative in this environment but that is where you grow and become stronger.

Plus, compelling goals keep you inspired, even when times get difficult. When you are inspired, you motivate others to grow professionally, emotionally, and mentally. Be a motivator and you will actually live a healthier life.  So, how do you begin?

Evaluate 2020 but don’t focus on the negative. Take the good from last year and go forward with it!

  • Did you keep a list of those you love and those you are grateful for?
  • Did you create time for you or skip this? Don’t do it. Crave out time for loved ones and also YOU!
  • Financially, do you feel like you had sufficient gains, or did you end the year with less than you expected?
  • Did you experience loses due to Covid-19?  
  • Did you make more than you spent?
  • Do you feel good about your stock market returns?
  • Did you face a serious shift in your life due to a job shift or change? Lots of people did.

Dr. Martin Luther King wrote: “We must accept finite disappointment, but we must never lose infinite hope.” Don’t lose your hope going forward in 2021! Difficult times come and go but it takes strong, determined people to stay at the front of the race!

This is the perfect time to “dial in” the metrics from last year and honestly take a look at what took place. It may be sobering, and this is where I can teach you how to take a close look at the metrics you are using for your life, budget, and investments.

You have everything you need inside of you for a Perfect Day! Remember, perfect days are not always perfect—it is the way you train yourself to look at life. Difficult times? Turn the dial on your happy meter to read exploration!

Take a moment and set up a free 15 minute consult with me, and let’s make a plan for your Every Days and your future—not just in 2021 but for the rest of your life!

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You can gain peace of mind, confidence, and hope for 2021 even when you are faced with a strong downturn!