More perfect days are what we all want, especially when we feel confused or a little hopeless. Usually, these are the very times when we face serious challenges or decisions. Do you know how to be the boss of your life and how to power through choices and difficulties?

Years ago, American poet Robert Frost wrote The Road Less Taken: “Two roads diverged in a yellow wood and I— I took the one less traveled by . . . Stop here for a moment: Do you have what it takes to make a good choice according to your lifestyle needs? Would you choose the road less traveled or the one that looks beaten down by foot traffic? Would you take the challenge to be the boss of your journey forward?

Frost goes on to write: “And that has made all the difference.” Good choices make a difference! They yield good and sometimes very exciting results, but you must take a step forward to get the right results.

Our lives are made up of choices—good ones and bad ones. The result that comes from making the right decisions could land you on the “road less traveled and it may make all the difference in the world for your future. ” Want to know more? Keep reading.

The Choices You Make Today Determine Your Future

Making the right choice means learning how to be the “boss” of your mind, goals, dreams, and lifestyle. It means you resist falling into a “rut” mentality or becoming a member of the drifter’s society.

You take control of what is yours because you learn quickly that a rut is nothing but a grave with its ends knocked out and drifting through life means you don’t have a rudder, so you could end up anywhere as the result of wrong choices or even “no” choices!

I talk with clients every day, who are looking for someone else to be the boss of whatever they are facing. The key to success is not found in turning your life over to another person. You and I need trusted people in our lives to help guide us but ultimately, we need to lead. We need to gain a boss mentality.

What this is NOT

Being the boss of your life, is not selfish, though some may fall for the “me-first attitude” where you only think about yourself! You know, the person in control that plows over others. Honestly, that’s a trap door which yields very poor results and waning relationships. Being a boss of your assets means taking responsibility for what is yours. In other words, you grow up and grow into your role as a leader.

Being the boss is NOT about putting your life on hold because of some irrational fear or lack of knowledge. Lots of people I talk with have a fear of going forward, trying new things, or just learning the basics about their finances and how to get safely to the next step in life.

Fear prevents us from doing what we have been shaped or molded to do. It drains away excitement and keeps us far too earth bound. So, don’t step back. Instead, go forward! Never give into fear because there’s way too much living for you to do. Be cautious when it is needed but don’t ever hide away from life.

Being the boss is NOT about demanding something take place instantly. Instead, it’s all about learning to be the leader (boss) of your brain, gut, and wallet. Even if that means taking a road less traveled. When you go forward and take the reins to your life, you will probably discover that you are stepping on a road that is perfectly designed for you.

Perfect Day Advice 101: Instead of wishing life would change on its own, tell yourself how great today is. Go forward with hope. Ignore the adage that tells you the glass is only half-full, and you will never reach that financial goal or gain the position in life that you are seeking! That perfectionistic mindset comes with a powerful PS: Perfection is a joyless trap! Striving is always tiring.

Start where you are today; choose imperfection and go from there.

Learn to be the Boss

Be the Boss of your Core—lead your company to a better place but don’t forget those who mean the most to you. Sacrifice begins with love. If your son or daughter has a 4 pm soccer game, be there! In fact, be there before you do most anything else. You will never regret spending time with those who love you. But you will regret the moments and the events you miss.

Be the Boss of your Experiences—have fun and enjoy life. Learn to give to others without looking for a “payback.” And be involved with your financial future. Set goals, dream big, and live a life that, if you could, you would relive! At times, take that road less traveled and live fully!

Be the Boss of your Giving. Givingto others requires you to step outside your “me” zone and give to someone else in a meaningful way even if it that way is just a simple phone call to say, “Hello; I’m thinking of you.” It means taking a road that is not well-traveled by everyone, especially in our “me” driven world.

Be the Boss of your Finances. I recently loaded the TrueBill app and have sliced embarrassingly away at recurring fees and charges and expenses that needed to be refunded and cancelled. YES. It felt awesome. Now, I get notifications when the kids are charging to my Netflix account or when spending is higher than average.

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