Just Summited Mt. Everest—next up: Canyon Ranch!

You can join me for an amazing three-day retreat at Canyon Ranch September 23-26, 2021! Space is limited, so sign up soon to claim your spot for this amazing retreat. Life changes here!

I’ll talk about how I tagged the top of the highest mountain in the world and made it back alive, but I also will explain how there is so much more to life than just tagging mountain tops.

Your Gain

During these three days, you will step off the hamster wheel! You’ll gain personal growth, self-enrichment, and the opportunity to learn how to build a healthier lifestyle.

Canyon Ranch Tucson was built in harmony with the desert terrain that surrounds this resort.This all-inclusive health resort also features a luxury spa with over 40 fitness classes each day, top wellness experts, and body treatments that will melt away your stress. Dine in style with delicious and nutritious cuisine that is served up at every meal

In the opening of my book Perfect Day (there really are no perfect days just imperfect days that you turn into ones worth living—forever! Thus, Perfect!

I once thought my highest aspiration was to have a cushy corporate job, a corner office, and an expense account. I falsely believed that if I climbed the corporate ladder as high as I could go, after a few years, I could retire. Sort of, ride off into the sunset with saddle bags of money! Really Boring!

Plus, you must be very driven to reach goals like these. There’s a difference between driven and dedicated. Driven means time away from the people that mean the most—family and friends.

Pack The Right Tools for Life

Every ounce of “me” would need to go into my plan for success. I never thought there was a better way—a way that leads to success and keeps you on track for more Perfect Days!

I wanted something better, and I want something better for you. Like most entrepreneurs, I still want to experience success (I climbed Mt. Everest), but I also want to enjoy life.

Guests will revel in their very own private retreat filled with aesthetic touches, thoughtful amenities,
and a charming porch to watch the sun set while the evening air cools.

During these three days at Canyon Ranch, I’ll give you important tools to live your life with—balance, health, wealth, and strength at your core.

Canyon Ranch is situated in the lush desert of the Southwest. Your travel to this inspiring resort will prove to be stress free and filled with joy. A fresh perspective awaits in this magical setting, a setting that ensures an experience of exhilaration and healthy living.

I will teach you how to take your life to the next level by not only decluttering it but bringing the right balance so you can give yourself to the very things that have true value. You will turn the page on the old chapter and begin a new one with a fresh outlook.

Of course, we’ll talk about my Mt. Everest moments, but we’ll also talk about yours. Everyone has a mountain in life to climb—mentally, emotionally, or spiritually—find out how to summit yours!

Sign up for this time of refreshment and renewal at one of the most relaxing and beautiful places you will find—Canyon Ranch! Here’s the information you need!