Before I give you my count down for the beginning of 2021, I have a confession: My Christmas tree is still up . . . and I’m happy about it. Why? It brings me joy, and we can all use some extra joy right now. So, my first thought for this New Year is to do what brings joy to your life.

The Christmas tree has been a point of family connection, so I’ll let it stay up a little longer. After all, is there really an official date for it to be removed? I don’t think so.

Don’t pack away your joys so quickly. Let them linger a little longer. I’ve made the decision to go into 2021 with priorities set around my family, my relationships, my business, and my charities. Don’t be distracted from what is truly meaningful.

What is your number one priority for this year? I’m also committed to carrying the good from 2020 with me into this year. We have so much to be grateful for.

Second, I have a wall calendar! That’s right—something you once used years ago. I’m stepping back to basics on this one, and I’m filling it up with appointments that revolve around those I love. Reserving dates that make sure that I’m where I need to be. I want what really means the most—to have me.

If you don’t take control of your time, other things will seep in and take over. Then the people who need you the most will only receive your leftovers. Schedule out a month in advance and really work to schedule out the entire year! When you do this, you will be well on your way to having a great 2021.

Third,I have a new shift in mind. If there is an idea—something that really works, then it’s a “hell yes” for me. I’m going to grab every minute I can—whether it is perfect or not—we know Perfect Days are not perfect. They are days that may seem all wrong but hold value and purpose: that’s what makes them perfect!

So, all the “hell yeses” of my life will end up on my calendar, too.

Fourth, I’m beginning this year by discarding the things that no longer are used or have a purpose. Caution here: don’t just discard without compassion. Put on your compassion glasses for this one.

Take time to think through what you are removing from your life. Does it fit? Will it be something you need going forward? Ultimately, discarding and uncluttering leads to abundance. Always ask: does this bring happiness or joy? If it does, keep it. But if you find yourself saying, “I may need it one day,” toss it!

Discarding fits the idea of a Commander’s Intent (chapter seven in my book Perfect Day). A Commander’s Intent is a life goal, a mission statement. Discarding works with this to make life happen. So, let you CI really shine on this one and discard the things that are holding you back or preventing you from being free, uncluttered, and who you were meant to be.

Perfect Day is all about living intentionally—four areas of your life that keep you strong and headed in the right direction—whether it’s mentally, physically, or financially.

Core: Keep yours strong in 2021! This includes your values, relationships, and spirituality. Fifty-nine percent of social media users admit they have a hard time putting down their devices even for an hour. That blows a hole in any Perfect Day!  

Here’s your challenge: In the middle of a social media mind blitz, turn off your devices, take a much needed break. Set aside time to build a stronger you by reconnecting with yourself, and those you love. There are lots of ways to do this even during a pandemic. Step outside, go for a walk, read, study, paint, dance, work, love again!

Your Experiences Set aside time to enjoy life. So what, you are not traveling right now. Go on a one-day adventure and don’t post it on social media. Find richness in listening to someone older and wiser than you. Laugh, talk with a friend, who may be miles away. Stop rushing and start celebrating life. That’s experience!

Your Contributions Give, Give, Give. Find a way to give, especially now. Give back to your community. Give to those in need, a charity or someone who needs encouragement. Don’t just give material gifts! Give your support, encouragement, and praise. You will be surprised how giving changes you inside and out.

Your Finances This is truly a hard time for many. Seek to be the best you can be financially. Save smart, invest smart, and plan for the future. Talk with an adviser. I can help you get a plan in place—for now and for the future. Schedule a free 15-minute consultation, and let’s get started.

A true “hell yes” is downloading your free copy of The Liberated Investor. Don’t be paralyzed by Wall Street’s games, or overwhelmed with the idea of where to begin, restart or change your current investment portfolio. You can start today, right now, investing with confidence.