While many of you sat down to have dinner with your family and friends yesterday or over the days to come, others will struggle because something is just not right. They are alone on the top of some huge mountain in their lives. It’s Thanksgiving, but life doesn’t feel too thankful.

A familiar face is missing from your group. News of health issues has left you wondering about the future. The financial ups and downs of this world have left you feeling like you are on a run-away roller coaster ride. How do you press the pause button? A spouse is gone. A heart is lonely. A light is out!

While so many talk about thankfulness, you are struggling and wonder if gratitude is possible. I assure you that it is. Challenge yourself to take a small step toward climbing a very tall emotional mountain: be grateful for at least two things or even just one thing.

Small Things make a big Difference

Take a deep breath—for today, the next minute, the next second, the next sunrise or sunset, be grateful. Be thankful for the person beside you, the neighbor across the street, the guy who took time to help you to your car with your groceries. Grateful that you are who you are and that you still have time to be who you are meant to be! Set your focus on the mountain top and don’t stop climbing!

I need to confess something: Growing up, Thanksgiving was all about the turkey. Most kids see it that way. It was all about being around a table with my family. It was fun. It was filling and in the low country of South Carolina, it was time to go hunting with my brother and our dogs! Years ago, life was simple, easy, and uncluttered.

Thanksgiving was a day to play, a day when parents were home from work—a holiday. Wonderful things came out of our kitchen, and I felt safe. But I probably didn’t understand what it meant to be thankful for all I had been given. That came later . . . after I journeyed through many valleys and climbed many more mountains! Gratitude hit when I realized that being grateful for the smallest things, really did affect my attitude in a huge way!

Has Your Thanksgiving View Changed?

My Thanksgiving today, looks very different than the ones of the past. Sure, there are similarities. But our family looks more like a huge, wonderful patch-work quilt—sewn together with love, kindness, and most of all hope. We are different colors, sizes, and shapes but we are in this life together and thanksgiving fills my heart. How about yours?

For years, I have taught others about how to have more Perfect Days, which to some, seems totally impossible because there is nothing such as a “Perfect Day,” right? Wrong. Perfect Days are possible. They are simply imperfect days that you learn to accept and embrace. You go on to climb that mountain of sorrow because you know that there truly is something better heading your way.

Imperfect to more Perfect Days!

While I hope your Thanksgiving is warm and full of good things, my greater hope is that you would begin, right now, by counting the many blessings that dot your life. If you are struggling with too many imperfect days, let’s work together to turn them into Perfect Days! My gift to you is a free copy of my book Perfect Day Or sign up for a free consult with me. Let’s get on the road to having more Perfect Days starting today!