This is a Perfect Day newsletter and most of you know that years ago, I learned the basics of taking imperfect moments and redefining those difficulties and challenges, so they bring positive change to me and to the lives of those I work with and love.

Recently, I was in Washington, DC with my family; and because of the timing of my trip, it was very emotional and insightful.

Our world—not just our country—feels the stress that comes from the divisions we are currently facing. But I believe this time will lead to greater unity. That’s my faith in action plan.

Immense strength is born in times of weakness.

We were in Washington to experience the moment and to think through how our country is better when we walk together as one. You can read a book or a social media post online, but one of the best ways to learn and remember what you have learned is through experience.

As I stood with them in front of the Supreme Court building and read the words out loud on the back of the arc: Equal Justice Under the Law, I knew I had made the right decision—to have all of us in that place at that time. We are training our sons and daughters to lead this country one day.

Immense strength is born in times of weakness. This is why I continue to lead Perfect Day (PD) webinars and work with my Perfect Day clients. Your greatest weakness can become your greatest strength with the right principles in place.

Like many of you, as I witnessed the past couple of weeks unfolding, I felt powerless. That’s okay. At times, we do feel powerless and side-less. Colorless. But we are all one! We all have a seat at the table. This is the good that comes out of horrendous actions like racism and violence.

So, in my weakness I choose strength. The strength to love, accept, and have a deep regard for others. That day in Washington, I felt weak, but the words I read to my family gave me fresh strength along with hope. They steadied my very core.

The challenges you and I face today have enough fuel within them to divide us—leaving us feeling angry, frightened, and alone—or we can come together.

Change on any level begins right where you are today. It has nothing to do with “feelings,” but it has everything to do with doing what you know is right and being committed to it.

Nothing is more discouraging than hearing the same negative drumbeat over and over again. So, it’s time to stand firm and face every challenge with hope and the knowledge that you can make a difference in your company, family, and world.

Here’s my Perfect Day formula: Stop sitting in front of the computer or TV fixated on the world news only. And stop wondering where life has gone. Find your Perfect Day! Shift your thinking. Difficult times prepare you for mountain top experiences. Turn the negative drip off. It’s draining!

Think about what you can do that will make a positive difference in this world and do it. Perfect Day principles work!

Begin with these four easy steps before 11am each day and you will see a change in your own life.

Strengthen Your Core: This is where you make a decision how to live your life. If your core is weak, your life will wobble. A strong core reflects what is deep inside of you. Are you driven by work and repeatedly overlook spending valuable time with your family or loved ones?

We live in a “take away” society. Everyone wants to take but few truly want to give back. Don’t be a taker, be a giver. Gratitude is a brave choice. Express yours to others and watch the countenance on their faces change.

Be optimistic; this always begins with gratitude. I still have my gratitude jar. Do you? This one simple thing has the potential to refocus your mindset on what is “best” for the entire day. And don’t be afraid to express your gratitude to others. Exchange frustration and fear for hope and thankfulness. Institute change!

Experience: Live life. Small or large. Live each day to the fullest. We went to DC to broaden our life experience and to join with others who believe there is a better way to do life. Now, due to Covid-19, you may still be inside your home, but you can work on finding a good stress management program. Visit a nearby lake, river, or ocean. Experience green and breath.

Contribution and Spiritual: Be a social support giver! Job success is totally connected with optimism in the workplace. Optimistic people have a higher quality of job performance. It’s NOT one’s IQ; the biggest bang for the job success buck is optimism and social support.

Financial: 2020 is half over. What can you do to get ahead before the end of this year?  Yes, we are in a very difficult season, and small businesses are struggling. I have worked in the financial industry for over 25 years. Let me show you how to turn your losses into gains even during this crisis.

Sign up for a free 15-minute consult, and I will help you find the right path for all your financial decisions. Perfect Days begin with imperfection; but when you get the right plan in place, they come out perfectly.

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