My mother lives nearby. That’s a wonderful thing! She’s more than a stabilizing factor in my life. She’s my rock.

The fact that we are able to “shelter” near one another during this time, has been something I would not trade away. I can check on her, and she can check on me and my girls. Three generations together and for the most part enjoying one another’s company. Even though we are so different in so many ways, we are very much alike.  

Can you say the same thing? Being different but being very much in step with one another? I told a friend recently that I was practicing enjoying the differences. And believe me when I say, I have to practice at times.

I’m the person who is up and ready to begin the day by 5:30 am—not pm. With a cup of coffee in my hand I walk out on the porch and embrace the day. I take time to be quiet, think, pray, and set out a plan for the day, if not the week. I think of others and my farm—the new baby goat that needs extra care. I’ve learned to think a little differently during this time with its slower pace.

But as I return to my kitchen and place my now empty cup on the counter, I listen for any evidence of others up and ready for the day without me bugling out a get up and get started notice. There’s nothing but stillness. My house is quiet. The outside animals are up and being fed; but inside, I find quietness. My girls are not up!

I tell myself: they are teenagers and you were a teenager at one point in life. Recall, remember, revise. Repeat!

A report from the trenches: After all the challenges and changes, the “homeschool” thing is going well. They are doing great with this new out-of-step norm. I’m proud. So, I’m the one who needs the pivot! They are effortless in theirs.

But this time is truly difficult, and it’s even harder for an entrepreneur, who’s accustomed to taking on a day with a strong cup of coffee, a boardroom agenda, and a calendar of client calls. (I’m still talking with my clients on a regular basis). I wait another 15 minutes and there’s no sign of movement. Quietness meets my ears as I call one of my team members. The day has to begin.

You adjust. I adjust. You have to pivot. I have to pivot. And I need to do it in a way that takes in a view of life that is much broader than my own. For now, you and I are stay-at-home moms, and I don’t know about you, but there is really not another place that I want to be.

Suddenly, Moms are teachers, encouragers, and people who listen and give advice with grace and patience. I am and you are the very people, we need to be. We try.

Having my family here with me has given me even more reason to be still in my heart but also to think about the future—what matters most—and yes, about changes that I will make in my journey and my business.

It’s a Perfect Day scenario; and yet, it allows me to continue to be who I am with my company Alphavest and to work with my clients on an even more relevant basis. We need to “real time” this financial season! The beautiful thing about this country is that each one of us gets to live out our dreams—so, enjoy the journey!

Here’s my essentials for this Mother’s Day —

Cherish this time! Our world is changing so quickly, and it will change even more. You may only have this one time to make a difference in someone’s life so just go for it! We will return to the office pace soon. I would advise you to take this time to build memories that will last for generations—not days! Urge your family to drop the gift-giving in favor of hand-picked flowers, a hand written note, and dinner together (if possible). Express (out loud) the one thing you love the most about each person. Make it your day and their day, too. If your mom is no longer here or available, celebrate the day with a friend—someone who has made a difference in your life. Live as if this one day will be the one you cherish forever.

Spend time listening Communication begins with this. It doesn’t begin with words. Let silence be your love language as you think about your family and embrace each one with your time and your presence. Another Perfect Day moment in this imperfect, broken world! And trust me, challenging conversations will come up. You will need to listen and not “tell” what you feel is right. Listen first, offer tempered advice later. My teenagers are complex, I’m complex, you are complex. I have to use every bit of who I am, to meet my family right where they are mentally, emotionally, and physically. It takes inner strength and love. But true love is a strong cord. 

Embrace the Differences Being together in a “same” space—even a large space (we have acres) is challenging. Being beside two bright, active, and engaging girls along with my Mom is definitely a chapter in a story that begs to be written. But let me say: We are not just surviving. We are thriving together, and we are living out our differences. Again, more Perfect Days for an imperfect time! It works!

Celebrate the thought of tomorrow! Today is one day in 365 days. Make it count because this moment—this time—is a gift. Open it with care and live it with wisdom!

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