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411 LIVE 1/17/2022

Six, pholyphenols and GORUCK-get some Perfect Day juju and get the start to your year and week that you’re looking for…

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Core: Can you do hard things?

Without your why?—Grab some Perfect Day Connect at 100OFF—and decide-learn-COMMIT to your why…and then, yes, you can do hard things.

GORUCK. Check out the documentary

“The standard,” the documentary offers is WINNING. “If you’re not winning you’re losing.” Grab clarity and decide to hard things. Grab your WHY. The Perfect Day process will reveal to you what that is. NOW. Yes, its hard to decide to potentially fail—most of us do. Fail. And that makes you a winner.

Kudos to Selection 019 GORUCK winner! Be HIM. Be HER.

75 registered, 40 showed up, 5 women-1 finisher. ALL winners, if you ask me. You have to fail to win.

Experience: 21 day gut reset/Polyphenols: Blueberries!

The essence—AND the beginning of every written or experienced Perfect Day is a RESET. That said—I’m doing a 21-day gut reset and I’m learning lots about…a lot. Today lets talk polyphenols; Eat blueberries-for ‘better cognition.’ We all seek better cognition, right? Grab a pint and get goin’ on writing or RE-WRITING your Perfect Day. Check out this Instagram REEL on polyphenols, and eat on….RE-WRITE, on.


Financial: What Investors Need to Know (WINK). NOW. 
Grab a copy of Think and Grow Rich—and let’s DO…think and grow rich. Growing Rich is more than financial riches….

Book Club/WINK Starts Wednesday 1/19/22. Reply to this email with GROWRICH Bookclub in subject line and lets Think and Grow Rich. Not interested? Download my latest edition of The Liberated Investor. It’s your guidebook to a 3-Step plan that allows you to take control of your financial future. AND, its 13 simple pages. FREE.


SIX. Live now on Broadway. I treated 4 very special ladies to this treasure of a show. And the gift was returned-pure gratitude from all. THANK YOU-to my amazing clients who shared this gem of a show this me while reviewing last quarter!

See it. Live it. “Divorced, Beheaded, LIVE/Died.” These six women, the wives of Henry VIII. They compete for who has the worst story to tell—who’s plight is the worst. In the end, they RE-WRITE their stories from plight to BRIGHT. Re-Write yours today. You’ll find that in Perfect Day process that our biggest failures, our darkest experiences—“divorce, beheaded, died”—can be our greatest assets and serve as a guide to our future purpose: The main ingredient for a Perfect Day.

Get busy 4-1-1’ing; Core, Experience, Financial, Contribution. Mine are above. Where are yours? WRITE them down. Don’t miss the most crucial step: Perfect Day Process—-THEN, the 4 things on the page…are the 4 things that are a part of your WHY. Without that, most fail to WIN more Perfect Days.

Pardon the the brevity, typos AND?—today’s Holiday cut the Team short, and so, I RE-WROTE last 411’s LIVE e-mail. Cheers and don’t forget…

Thank you, Dr. King for your legacy and inspiration to keep moving forward. You, indeed, re-wrote the page.

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