“When the going gets tough, the tough get going.” Joseph Kennedy’s quote is true! It is not a political statement; it is just an intense observation. Kennedy lived through the Great Depression and understood from a financial perspective as well as a survival one that you can’t let challenges, difficulties, or detours stop you from crossing the finish line.

One year ago today, I was tethered to my climbing partner in a tent at 7,300 meters/23,950 feet at Camp 3 days before my summit of Mt. Everest, in a vicious cyclone wondering if I’d ever get off the mountain, much less summit. Yes, I crossed “the finish line,” but more valuable to me is the way in which I crossed it; with integrity, grit, faith and strength. I wasn’t carried to the top and got lucky. I worked hard, mind, body and soul for my victory. So should you.

Today, particularly, we are living through some tough times. Even if you have what the world sees as great wealth, you probably feel a shift. You look around and see changes. You know that you are journeying through uncharted territory, especially when you follow today’s news, which I DON’T endorse nor suggest.

So, while on paper, you may look rich enough to handle most any crisis, below the surface, the challenges of this current environment are growing and creating mental, emotional, and even physical unrest. What do you do?

You climb the mountain. You climb it STRONG. You may have to give yourself a “good talking to” every now and again, but you certainly don’t hang up your ice axe. You envision what emerging strong looks like—-this is what you you need to do in order to finish strong. But how?

Weathering this storm means finding a way to move through this current environment without allowing the challenges of your day to alter your sense of well-being—and you must do that one step at a time. It requires perspective and maintaining a vision of how you see your finish. Not envisioning a summit you climbed on luck, but one you intentionally set out to climb with the strength and resolve of a warrior; one who owns what you’ve worked hard for, and sees it through to the top.

I challenge you to think about how to navigate today, now, tomorrow without giving in to negativity or doubt. What does faith look and feel like to you? Scary in its unscientific, and unproven way by its very definition, YES. AND, that’s where the good stuff lives.

I’ve had my moments since Everest. Life has been hard and markets and financial conditions aren’t helping me either. Yet, I pep talk my way back into Perfect Days each and every day—-yes, by 4-1-1’ing (message me!).

• Be realistic. Don’t put your head in the sand by denying the reality that is facing you. Face changes and challenges head on, and don’t allow them to control your view of life. Dig deeper and go longer. Perspective is everything. You can do this! Whatever it is.

• Stay focused on the right things. Don’t obsess over things you can’t change. If the way in front of you is blocked, try a different option. Set goals and work toward them.

• Learn from your mistakes. “A successful [person] will profit from mistakes and try again in a different way.” Dale Carnegie Enough said!

• Set a course to go forward. Goals give meaning to life. They continually challenge you to put your talent, skills, creativity, time, resources, and opportunities toward achieving tangible results. Start with short range goals that are reachable.

• Revisit the principles of 411! Are you doing these each day before 11 am? They work! They are motivational tools that can change the way you view your day and week.

The Perfect Day Process Works! A new Perfect Day client just this week applauded the process for a huge shift in the desire to tackle and make what she desired happen today. Instead, she felt peace and and understanding that where she and her family are is right where they’re supposed to be and for the first time in sometime, she needs to “do nothing” to affect success and happiness in the home.

The Perfect Day process gives you the tools and perspective for the clarity you need to (keep) moving forward. I want to plant a new idea in your head: There are no failures! The very fact that you would get started and try to reach a new goal or even an old goal is labeled a success by me.

The heart of Perfect Day is quieting the moving parts and focusing here and only here when times get tough.

Your Core: Keep it strong! This includes your values, relationships, and spirituality. Yes, FAITH. What do people—your clients, your family love most about you? Do more of THAT.

Your Experiences: Enjoy life. Go on a one-day adventure and don’t post it on social media. Just enjoy being alive and being with who you are with or by yourself. Remember “Shawshank Redemption,”— Morgan Freeman’s character says, “You either get busy living or you get busy dying. Which is it going to be?” Laugh more. It’s FREE.

Your Contributions: Find a way to give—give back to your community, give to others—just GIVE. Giving makes your heart glad. There are lots of opportunities all around you. Don’t just throw money at something! Give from your heart to encourage another, and you will be surprised just how it changes your life. Here’s a real challenge: Give without looking to receive something in return. This is the #1 to overcome “recessionary-woe-is-me-times” . . . to live with abundance. Give freely of your time and attention, now more than ever. Above all, dust off the compassion valve—for YOURSELF and others.

Your Finances: In this environment, it’s important to be the best financially you can be. Save, invest, and always plan. Take time to understand your portfolio and be wise. Download my free book Liberated Investor and learn what really goes on behind the scenes on Wallstreet!

Here’s a new one for you; I’m offering 45 minute Perfect Day sessions on whatever you feel is holding you back from more Perfect Days in your life; your portfolio, your Plan (or lack thereof), your vision of the future, the mountain ahead of you. It’ll cost you—but you get to choose how much. You choose what the session is worth to you.

Small steps forward add up—no matter how short or small. Grab a session and learn how you can liberate your life, relationships, and business from stress, worry, doubt, and even fear of the future.