Recently, I read a blog post that asked readers the above question. As you can imagine, the answers were varied—from investment concerns to political uneasiness to wealth management. “Will I have what I need financially for the future?” “Am I invested correctly?” “How will the market respond to changes in the economy?”

Most entrepreneurs and non-entrepreneurs alike have enough drive and determination to get where they want to go in life but so many lack vision. They get off course, start taking life for granted, become frightened, and they lose their focus. Each of us, if we are not watchful, can get caught up in the world’s clutter and end up battling feelings of doubt, fear, and become over concerned.

Perfect Days are Tailored Days

My role as a Perfect Day Engineer is to guide people, like you and me, to a place of hope and well-being. I teach people how to conquer their basic fears. This includes financial wealth management. Deep breath. The Stock Market is on track for the next several months. So, do you want more Perfect Days, right now? All of us do!

We want days that are void of overwhelming stress and difficulties. Days when imperfect moments turn into times of meaning, value, and balance. Your Perfect Day is tailored to you; it won’t look like mine or anyone else’s. Plus, it probably won’t look perfect on the outside. But where it counts—deep on the inside—it fits perfectly!

Many of you know this past spring, I climbed Mt. Everest. But what you don’t know is that there were countless imperfect moments leading up to that final ascent and my Perfect Day! Life was super challenging every moment I was on Everest!

So, what challenges are you facing in life? What frightens you the most and how do you plan to handle it? I’ll tell you that you certainly don’t have to tackle the world’s tallest mountains to feel like you are facing a monumental task. Our world is riddled with critical, heart-pressing decisions.

A Wobble “Zaps” Your Energy and Vision

Years ago, I talked with a client who was brilliant at what he did. The problem was John’s brilliance extended to a nearly 80-hour work week! He had an actively growing company with plenty of business connections, but he hardly spent time with his family.

His “Core” and “Contribution” assets were overdrawn in his bank account of life. As I listened to him talk, I knew I could safely assume his gratitude and an attitude of giving back along with a desire to leave this world a better place than he found it were all very low, if not nonexistent.

“So what?” you may ask. John was missing out on the very things that money cannot purchase—valuable time with his family. He was worried about his life and future, which was normal because he was not taking care of his life. He was in what I call a serious “wobble” because two of the four areas crucial for Perfect Days were out of balance. This “wobble” zapped his energy, joy, vision, and zest for getting out of bed every day.

Think About What Make Your Life Tick

When you reflect on your Core, Experience, Contribution, and Financial assets, where do you see opportunities for growth and more Perfect Days? Reality check: You can have thousands of followers on Twitter, hundreds on Facebook, give $$$ to charities, and do 200 hours of volunteer work every year and still carry around a void deep inside. It happens all the time! So—Where’s your Wobble? Find it and you might just be curing what you’re most frightened of. 

A recent search on social media revealed lots of concerns with financial markets and taxes and inflation. Another post revealed “The top 10 things people are afraid of” which listed NOTHING financial.

So where do you fall in the conversation? Be honest. What MIGHT you be afraid of? If it relates to relationships, money or dying with regrets, know that you’re not alone. A 411 framework could be just the key to getting ahead of your fears and on the path to more perfect days. If it’s snakes, you’re afraid of or something like flying; those may seem more trivial, but from where I sit, they’re harder to fix.

Don’t Believe Me?

Give me 15 minutes, and I’ll show you how to begin. It’s free! A 411 Reset Strategy meeting will give you one:one instructions on what my easy-to-read and execute book, Perfect Day, details. It’s a framework for eliminating your wobble and for a life of Impact. Download my free book Perfect Day and read about the successes of other subscribers to the Perfect Day framework/lifestyle.