Today, I’m in the middle of a training/exercise program that will prepare me for the climb of my life. Meanwhile, some of you have already summited a mountain that holds the world’s most critical ascent: Surviving Cancer.

This May, I’ll climb Mt. Everest (#Everyday Everest) to raise money for cancer research and to fund the construction of a Mobile Health Unit that will provide cancer education, awareness, prevention and cancer screening services for adults living in remote communities in South Carolina, who have difficulty accessing care.

So, let’s partner together and make a difference in the battle against this disease—by putting your health first and then by giving. Start with my Healthcare challenge and join others, who are on a journey to health, victory over cancer, and providing hope to hundreds, if not thousands, of women.

So, what is it about exercise that works? Here’s what I learned, and it’s straight from the pages of a Mayo Clinic report: “Exercise can be one of your most important cancer treatments. For anyone dealing with a cancer diagnosis, that’s great news. Starting — or maintaining — an exercise program can empower you to move out of a more passive “patient” role; it’ll help improve not just your well-being but your attitude, too.

“Many research studies support the idea that exercising during cancer treatment helps you feel better. Some of the documented benefits include:

  • Reduce depression and anxiety
  • Increase energy and strength
  • Reduce pain

Worried that exercise might not be safe? Always check with your doctor first, but “there’s evidence to the contrary. For instance, when researchers reviewed 61 studies involving women with stage 2 breast cancer, they found that a combination of aerobic and resistance exercise was not only safe, it also improved health outcomes.” Read more: Your secret weapon during cancer treatment? Exercise!

Are you making your own health a priority? You can for as little as 15-minutes a day of walking and by taking my healthcare challenge and by giving.  Your donation to Everyday Everest provides the hope and medical access that hundreds need.