Christmas News Flash! Happiness and satisfaction are not based on material possessions. They are based on the values you hold within and the care and love you have for others. Your care, contributions, and gratitude is a part of your core and reveals who you truly are.

Are you enjoying your life or are you spending your way through it seeking something that you hope will bring some degree of lasting happiness or security? This is easy to do this time of the year!

Ultimately, what you have right now, is probably what you will want later in life.

Ninety percent of long-term happiness is not determined by your external circumstances—where you live, the clothes you wear, or what you do.

It’s determined by what is inside of you and how you look at life. That’s why I urge clients to begin financial planning with pure and simple gratitude. 

Take the First Step: Gratitude

The smartest thing you will do is to get your life and priorities in order. This includes being grateful for what you have been given.

It also includes financial planning along with creating a will, choosing a power of attorney, and setting up a life-call-to-action plan for your life that includes giving to others and to worthy charities.

That’s what Perfect Day is all about. It’s not unattainable perfection; it’s about pure and simple gratitude. Gratitude keeps you stable, reminds you of what is real, and what is important. So, give today—while you are still on this earth because you will enjoy it more.

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Also, take my Everyday Everest Challenge and keep up with me as I prepare to climb Mt. Everest in the Spring in an effort to raise money and awareness for cancer research!