This Christmas and holiday season, I want to encourage you to think outside of your normal box and find a way to contribute to something that is greater than yourself—something that has true, lasting value.  

Most of us can write a check, but true giving requires a heart-driven effort.

So, here’s the challenge: look beyond your current need to pile up beautifully wrapped packages under your tree. And find ways to—

• Express your gratitude and thankfulness to others. Learn to measure your life not in terms of your net worth but your net worthiness.

• Experience quality time with your loved ones—your family and friends.

• Contribute your time, money, and most of all yourself to causes and needs that are greater than yourself. “No one has ever become poor by giving.” —Anne Frank

• Financial Take time to make a plan to save for the future. Be a good steward of what you have been given today so it and more will be with you tomorrow.

Recently, one of my daughters looked at me and asked, do we really have to give gifts this Christmas? Can we just be together? My answer was yes!

Is it time to turn your life on its side by doing the unexpected and considering ways you can give more of yourself to those you love the most? No matter where you are financially, you have an abundance of something that you can share with others.

After hearing my daughter’s words, I decided it was time to take time to be together as a family—away from the craving demands of this world. We put together a small trip to a special place where we will be together and celebrate their grandfather’s birthday and also Christmas. It works perfectly!

Looking to contribute to something that is greater than yourself? I’ll be climbing Mt. Everest this spring, and I’m dedicating my Everest climb to MUSC Hollings Cancer Center.

I’m committed to raising $1 million in support of cancer research, education, and prevention through my Everyday Everest Campaign. Please take a moment to sign the Everyday Everest Pledge and to give to finding a cure for cancer.