Odd question? It may seem like it is, but for thousands of people this is a question that hits home. They raise all kinds of thoughts—some frightening, some deadly, and some very hopeful.

By now many of you know that I’m scheduled to climb Mt. Everest next May 2020. I know . . .  this seems like an extreme venture, especially after following the news from this last year when many did not reach the summit, and worse, did not come home. But my #Everyday Everest quest is personal. 

It’s not for me; it’s for women who long to live life each day free of cancer. It’s a quest that began several years ago when I said goodbye to my dear friend and mentor, who died from breast cancer.

It is a quest to raise support for early cancer detection and awareness and to eradicate this devastating disease from our world today. This fight is personal. There were two Helen’s before me (did you know my given name is Helen?!) passed away after fighting cancer. Today, my CO ‘mother’ battles ovarian cancer and my new friend and #EverydayEverest Be Bold bracelet fundraising ‘partner,’ Norton and Hodges’ leading lady, Suzette Bussey, is battling breast cancer. So, I’m fully in the fight!

As I’ll climb with the memory of these two packed away deep within my heart, I’ll also be climbing for friends, who are now facing this same disease and for countless others I have never met. I realize now that their greatest goal is to “summit” life and to live. 

So, I have two goals and one is to raise awareness and money for cancer research, so they have a fighting chance to do just that—summit! The second is to contribute to a way for more women to hear these words: No Evidence of Disease (NED).

I’m dedicating my May 2020 Mount Everest climb to the fight against cancer by raising $1Million for MUSC Hollings Cancer Center. My goal is to get 1 million women to take an early detection heath pledge and then to provide the funds to do this.

Reaching the top of Mount Everest — the highest point on the planet at 29,028 feet — is a feat only about 5,000 people have accomplished. The trek to the summit takes months of physical preparation and weeks of acclimatization to get climbers used to the mountain’s oxygen-starved altitude, but I’m determined to climb for those who cannot climb for themselves.

For years, I have told clients, friends, and family members a Perfect Day is not perfect. There is disease, brokenness, and sorrow but within each imperfection is hidden a marvelous lining of hope, joy, and goodness. Will you help me uncover this truth for women everywhere?

The other truth: Perfection is not a goal we can reach from our world’s standpoint. But it is something we can do each day with what we have been given. It includes touching four areas of our lives that have tremendous value: experience, finance, contribution, and spiritual.

So, my opening question is valid, What is your stage when it comes to your life, your finances, your contributions, or your experiences in life? 
Everyone is working for money. But ask yourself this: What’s the money for? Are you truly experiencing life to the fullest? Are you contributing to those around you without hesitation? Do you know how to save so you have all that you need in the future and also all that you need to give out of an abundance to the right charity? Have you come to a point where you spiritually and morally know that you are walking in step with what is best for your life?

I’m here to guide you through the challenges of life to a place of investment that works for you and your family. Take the limited opportunity to sign up for a free15-minute Strategy Session with me and let’s check your pulse rate on the areas of your life that lead to greater success. 

Almost every day, someone will tell me: I want to be successful. The irony is that they could have that feeling—a feeling of success—today, if they just looked at their lives and saw how much they have already accomplished!
So, I’m also asking you to climb Mt. Everest with me and really, to climb an even harder mountain to summit—the money needed for cancer research.