While Covid-19 continues its grasp on our country, my neighbor decided to organize her entire kitchen. Another decided to jump head-long into reorganizing her home office. The talk around our socially-distanced table in the evenings often surrounds how to do work smarter while working or studying (if you are starting back to the classroom) from home rather than from the office.

Friends elaborately talk (and debate) about the “apps” they are using that help organize their days. Why? Because one day soon, you will return to an office setting. It may look different, but America does business best in face-to-face situations. Zoom meetings may linger, but there will be a time when we sit down again with clients.

Regardless of how your office environment looks in the future, prepare now and I believe, you will work more efficiently, save time and money, and organize you work days with clarity. Here are six apps that will get you there: Read More—

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