Are you HUNGRY? Like Bono of U2 hungry— 🎼‘I still haven’t found what I’m looking for’🎼 hungry? Or are you scrambling because markets are tanking? Are you hungry for portfolio peace and a PLAN? Or for an advisor who’s connected to what you need—today AND tomorrow? Or are hungry for something MORE–for my Think and Grow Rich Bookclub wisdom from Napoleon Hill? That’s a different sort of hunger. This is circa 1910—wise, timeless-finding-your-passion-and-making-it-your-obsession type hunger (Hill’s words).

It’s your weekly 411 Email, so here are the 4 of the 4-11:

Financial/What Investors Need to Know Now (WINK)

So, the WINK book club started last week—did you miss it? We’re backing up the bus from the financial markets up and down—well, rather, the down this month. Get baptized in some 1910 wisdom on getting “rich.” “If only people would stand by your purpose until it becomes your obsession…” Are you ready? Are you that one foot from unlocking your purpose or your obsession? Join me for a financial reset of miraculous proportions. YES. THAT. Reply here with BOOKCLUB in the subject line and VOILA!

In the meantime, I feel today warrants a little more discussion regarding financial markets. We are just a few percentage points away from what is categorized as a market CORRECTION. How are you (emotionally & financially) weathering the inflation-fed, raising rates-market environment?  Are you where you’re supposed to be? Is your 3-yr bucket filled and ready to offer NO CHANGE in your lifestyle/AKA your retirement plans or your family’s vacation plans this year? Lets revisit a 3-yr bucket conversation. One-on-one. Grab a quick consult with me here. Just maybe you’re EXACTLY where you’re supposed to be.

CORE/How I spent my time:

Major family time this weekend with monster movie, TV watching marathons and at-home church . The good side of that: Rocketman. Watch it and fall ever more in love with Elton’s genius—his sobriety and finding your soulmate in what seems like a loveless world. The best snip-it; “You have to kill the person you were born to be in order to become the person you want to be.” WHOA. Who do you want to be? If it were only 51% to be HER (or him) what’s it gonna take to get one step closer? Money, time, counsel? Get it.

EXPERIENCE/What I’m Excited about:

Think and Grow Rich book club. Yes, a double dip for today’s 411–and still my theme for 2022 is LESS….and “Permission Granted”. So, yes a double dip. Join me, and, well, Think and Grow Rich.

CONTRIBUTION: What Inspired me:

Most of you know that most of my financial support goes to Hollings Cancer Center (HCC) here in Charleston at MUSC. Having funded a brand new state of the art mobile health unit that aims to bring early cancer detection to those in SC rural areas, and or to the workplace for those who cant take time off for mammograms’, for instance, I’m inspired on a few fronts; ONE…its time for my annual exams. I took the health pledge—did you? Either way-take it today. Taking the health pledge simply means committing to put yourself and your health FIRST. Catch cancer at state ZERO or one. Colonoscopy’s screening ages have moved younger—make your appointments this week. More over—I’m really inspired by the works of Grainger McKoy (see his impressive CV here and see where hunger led him!) and the generosity of one of my HCC board members who gifted all of the board the incredible pin (pictured above) designed with McKoy’s philanthropic genius. The “Recovery Stroke” pin is named for the “vulnerable phase of a bird’s flight when it is gathering strength for the next powerful beat.” What incredible artistry genius coupled with our Board Chair’s generosity-genius—to gift this pin to the Board so that in wearing it, enables us to have a GIVING conversation with everyone who asks the meaning/remarks of its beauty.

What do you wear that inspires you or others? If nothing else, try a smile.

PS: Want to support HCC? Sadly the annual Gourmet and Grapes fundraiser has been moved to virtual status due to the COVID uptick. this means perhaps $500k less in fundraising for muych needed cancer research and awareness in SC. Want to support? Go to EverdayEverest and take the health pledge and I’ll get you a link to the HCC auction. Let’s be different, let’s support in a time when others will simply decide not to all because of COVID.